The football association two top national football duzhan Cai Zhenhua instructions: to relax to play sports – Sohu Orangemen arrived in South Korea Shouxun captains Zhang Yuning easily seriously stretch (the Sohu sports Xu Jiang was reported in Seoul in August 30th) South Korea local time on August 30th, the national team China soccer team in Seoul after the arrival of the first training session, at the same time, Chinese Football Association executive vice president Zhang Jian will arrive in Seoul this evening, count with the team arrived in Yu Hongchen, Chinese two top football association will also supervises the Warring States and South Korea game foot opener. Cai Zhenhua, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration, was unable to come to Korea because of the party school. China played in South Korea, in charge of the women’s football, Soccer Association vice president Yu Hongchen with the Orangemen arrived on the same plane to South Korea, which was originally only a Chinese Football Association sent high-ranking officials, but in August 29th, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration Cai Zhenhua again convened several senior football Association meeting, Zhang Jian and directed to South Korea for the national team encouraging cheer, and encourage players to relax, do not have the psychological burden. In fact, as the football association leaders, both Yu Hongchen and Zhang Jian in the national team during the very low-key, in addition to some normal football diplomacy, basically rarely participate in the specific affairs of china. Yesterday arrived in Shenyang, Beijing, Hong Kong, nor to the players who have had any exchange. National football club said: the football association under the leadership of the team, do not meet, do not speak, do not give the team to create psychological pressure. Professional football today, especially during the competition, less meetings, so that players relax the most important. According to the plan, Zhang Jian will arrive in Korea at 10 this evening.