Cooking a meal is equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes for the kitchen housewife, as the office for office workers, is a part of the living environment. The housewives in the kitchen every day and make a table of delicious meals, but you know, a meal is equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes, long-term inhalation of fumes will increase the risk of cancer. A meal is equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes is the kitchen space the most serious air pollution in the family, the main pollution source has two aspects: one is released from coal, coal gas, liquefied gas and other cooking fire in carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and other harmful gases; two is produced when cooking dishes smoke. In the daily life of cooking fume produced there are many hazards and risks, has become a "stealth killer" of people’s life, especially the women often cook, is the countryside. According to the otolaryngologist, the number of female patients with laryngeal cancer increased year by year in recent years, the pathogenic reason is excessive inhalation of second-hand smoke, another reason is that women long cooking in the kitchen, inhaling too much smoke, and smoke is a kind of air pollution. Why does lampblack cause cancer? Experts point out that this is related to the mutation of edible oil at high temperature. For example, linolenic acid, vegetable oil contains more linoleic acid and other unsaturated fatty acids, when the temperature reached 60 degrees began to oxidation, rises to 130 DEG to oxide decomposition, form a variety of compounds, some of these compounds are carcinogenic; when cooking oil to 150 degrees, "the main component of glycerol the fume generation of acrolein", it has strong pungent taste, has strong stimulation to the eyes, nose and throat mucosa; when cooking oil heated to 200 degrees above, the oil fume condensates, such as nitrogen oxides are highly toxic; when cooking oil to 350 degrees, then spit fire "the risk of cancer is the highest. At the same time, China food culture exquisite decoct, fry, fried, fried, and fried or fried can cause the air "benzopyrene" content. The benzpyrene is internationally recognized as a strong carcinogen. When cooking, cooking fried hot smoke produce toxic fumes, so that local environmental degradation, toxic fumes long-term stimulation of the eyes and throat, respiratory tissue injury, if not protected, it is likely to cause disease. A research report claimed that Britain before the combustion efficiency is extremely low in the cooker to cook for one hour, the ventilation system of health damage, equivalent to smoking two packs a day. So some experts remind: if the housewives of hoarseness and sore throat, irritating cough, bloody sputum, pharyngeal foreign body, dyspnea or neck lumps in severe symptoms, and the symptoms persist for more than a week, go to the hospital immediately.