But the enemy of female beauty skin dry autumn come DIY skin beauty soup – health Sohu for the beauty of women, autumn dry skin archenemy, moisture and loss of collagen, the skin to lose elasticity and moisture, and air pollutants may also cause skin allergies. So mask, cream, moisturizing essence, such as popular. However, the maintenance of the skin by the external cultivation of cosmetics is not enough, from the inside out moisture, in order to make the skin shine. 1 nourishing qi and blood, ruddy complexion is sufficient and smooth blood is the foundation of women’s health, but also to ensure that the skin of women’s skin care, ruddy complexion foundation. Modern women often because of irregular work and rest, nutrition is not comprehensive, lack of exercise and other reasons lead to deficiency of Qi and blood, or formed cold constitution lead to qi stagnation and blood stasis due to summer Tanliang, living not to keep warm, especially need to regulate qi and blood. Qi and blood filling, the skin can also get the maximum nourishment. Nutrition that red meat and animal offal and animal blood is a good source of iron and protein quality, is the main raw material for blood; traditional Chinese medicine commonly used medicinal herbs such as Radix Angelicae sinensis, Radix Paeoniae Alba, and the homology of medicine and food, such as Chinese wolfberry, red dates Ejiao blood product. And to recommend a delicious nourishing diet — citric acid jujube soup. Raw material: Chinese wolfberry, red dates, angelica, chicken. Practice: wash the chicken pieces, the rest of the ingredients into the soup in the pot wash, with simmer for 1.5 hours. Efficacy: nourishing blood. 2 Runfei dry face is beautiful, the "Yellow Emperor" "lung advocate fur". The visible lung dryness in autumn this affects its nourishing effect on the skin. For modern women, heavy work pressure makes them irritable heart heat, air conditioning room air also rob their body of water, and the dry autumn and dietary fiber intake, may also cause constipation, the accumulation of toxins in the body, causing dry skin, pigmentation wrinkles. Then the need to replenish the body moist dryness, body fluid, try and liquid porridge. Ingredients: rice, ophiopogon root, tangerine peel, licorice. Practices: wash all the ingredients, the fire to simmer to rice can be overripe. Efficacy: Qingfei runzao. The Beijing two national public nutritionist Wang Lu adapted from the network recommended articles: to see easily accelerated skin aging habits you account for a few? "Housewife" why rough hands? Pay attention to care, it is not difficult to prevent autumn dry what to eat? Appropriate to eat these medicated Cleansing Shampoo to buy Raiders to choose to "wash out" health