The Qingdao midfielder: two for the new season foreign aid began in earnest further for the new season Zhang Chengyu further Tencent sports news October 25th (reporter Chen Yueze) Beijing time on October 24th, the Qingdao men’s basketball team in a warm-up match in Weifang, more than 71 to 82 men’s basketball team lost to Xinjiang, two games 1 wins and 1 losses and even competitors. After the game in an interview, the Qingdao men’s basketball team’s main defender Zhang Chengyu said the team two foreign aid is accelerating into the collective, and he also hopes the team in the new season can be more than last season. When it comes to their present state, Zhang Chengyu said: "the training to play something out of it, according to the team’s style of play, to play their own characteristics on this basis, as far as possible to help the team." This offseason, the staff is not a small change of the Qingdao team, the team signed before the effectiveness of Shanxi’s Dominic · Jones, before playing Foshan Beni mongolia. Zhang Chengyu revealed that two foreign aid over time, with the team’s running in condition is getting better and better. They are getting better and better, at the beginning they come late, and the team is not very good. But through these games, they are more and more tacit understanding between the team." Zhang Chengyu said. And when it comes to the team’s goals for the new season, Zhang Chengyu said: there is no clear goal for the last year on the basis of further."