Manchester City forward: midfield duo broke out again? Blue moon streak – Beijing sports Sohu to November 5th night at 23 o’clock, the 201617 Premier League season, the eleventh round to continue to compete, the focus of a battle at the Etihad stadium, Manchester City at home court against middlesbrough. After the last round of the English Premier League away 4 ball bashing after Si Brown Vecchi, the blue moon in the week in the Champions League group phase in a 3-1 win over Barcelona, now about to confront the newly promoted "borough", they will continue to keep winning streak? The recent state of good gundogan, de Blau Hei can break out again? Clash record this game is the 127th confrontation between the two sides in history, after the 126 meeting of Manchester City’s 50 wins, 27 draws and 49 losses, with a weak lead. A city on his home court against Middlesbrough in the January 2015 FA Cup fourth round, then the blue moon 0-2 to sleep. The two sides recently played in the Premier League, dating back to February 2009. At that time, Manchester City by virtue of Bellamy’s goal, to 1-0 victory over middlesbrough. It is worth mentioning that the recent 6 times in the Premier League encounter, Manchester City win 4 of them, and remain undefeated in 3 battles in recent. One point: to win the blue moon to orbit streak of 6 consecutive games without embarrassing record, once forced Guardiola to despair. However, as at the hawthorns in the round with a 4-0 victory over Si Brown Vecchi city has finally bottomed out back winning track. In the week in the Champions League in the group phase, the blue moon to beat Barcelona 3-1, reported to the city Pujing swallow four eggs in hatred. This weekend home court against newly promoted Middlesbrough, Guardiola only one goal, that is the team to get 3 points. You know, in the league standings due to goal difference at a disadvantage and row behind Arsenal, Liverpool have look at fiercely as a tiger does. Therefore, the current round of competition, Manchester City want to continue to keep the position of the leader, in addition to winning has no choice. Aspect two: blue moon midfielder broke out again a Manchester duo looking round 4-0 sweep Si Brown Vecchi, the greatest hero is both contributions of the 1 pass 2 shoot gundogan and Aguero. The home 3-1 Revenge of the Champions League in Barcelona, the key to achieve the opening of the two degrees of the German midfielder in the same work. 2 Games team 4 goals, in addition to the defensive end of the performance is very eye-catching, gundogan has now become the soul of Guardiola’s indispensable. Of course, in addition to the Germany midfielder Deb Law Hei Ge blue moon, the importance is self-evident, the focus of the war with the Catalonia giants, Belgium International won the free kick skills to humiliate opponents. Now, coming against newly promoted Middlesbrough, gundogan, de Blau Hei can break out again? We will wait and see! Aspect three: since Aguero to break the League home court goals in the new season, under Guardiola Aguero, once a series of open runaway mode, once gave up 6 battle ball 11 perfect transcript. However, since September 25th against the League of Swansea, Argentina until)