Tianjin TEDA Championship start China Jianye eleven war Guoan sina sports event in September 29th, the Super League club Hebei Huaxia happiness combined with Beijing Guoan, Tianjin TEDA held a press conference in Beijing, announced the 2016 Tianjin peacock City champion cup is starting. This new event was launched, became the focus of attention of the Chinese football. Hebei province Football Association Secretary General Ma Baosheng, chairman of Hebei Huaxia Happiness Club Ye Jun, Beijing Guoan club general manager Shen Li, chairman of Tianjin TEDA club and general manager Gao Yingqin witnessed the peacock City 2016 Tianjin champion cup ceremony. Peacock City 2016 Tianjin champion cup jointly sponsored by Hebei Huaxia happiness, Beijing Guoan, Tianjin TEDA three Super League clubs, the coordinated development of the era in the context of Beijing Tianjin Hebei, to further strengthen the three of Tianjin football communication, through the establishment of high quality football matches, to explore ways to improve the level of football Beijing Tianjin Hebei, and ultimately promote the overall level of national football. From Hebei, China happy, Beijing Guoan, Tianjin TEDA football tournament organizing committee held a forum in Beijing Tianjin Hebei before the start of the ceremony, the top three clubs, Gao Yingqin, Shen Li Ye Jun et al common talk football industry of Beijing Tianjin Hebei coordinated development strategy under the future development trend. They agreed that: Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development strategy has become one of the key national football reform strategy, has also been included in the national key project to tackle, seek the combination of Beijing Tianjin Hebei coordinated development strategy and promote the reform of football, football industry development, improve the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region level of football, football is an important theme of Beijing Tianjin hebei. The Beijing, Tianjin and the Champions League football cup, it is the theme of positive practice. Hebei Huaxia happiness club chairman Ye Jun said: "under the background of Beijing Tianjin Hebei coordinated development, the coordinated development of the football club to become a participant is a subject of our thinking, the Beijing Tianjin Hebei cup is an attempt to make us. Hebei Huaxia happiness has been concerned about the development of regional football, the economy can promote the development of football, football can also bring vitality to the economy. We hope this event will run as a traditional event, but also look forward to each participating team in this tournament was founded as an opportunity to strengthen communication and exchanges, the more actual competition sharpening, improve competition ability and the level of football, for Tianjin football in the near future, comparable to the Greater London football, add a fire to the Beijing Tianjin Hebei regional economic development." According to the agreement, Beijing Tianjin Hebei Champions Cup held annually since 2016, the three founding club is located in turn organized teams in addition to the three founding clubs, each tournament will be invited to a club in the other. The first tournament was named as the "peacock City 2016 Tianjin champion cup (Hebei station)", sponsored by the Hebei Football Association and the Qinhuangdao Municipal Sports Bureau, the venue for the Qinhuangdao Olympic Sports Center stadium. The first event of the guest team is Henan Jianye, in accordance with the system arrangement, Henan Jianye will be happy with China, Beijing Guoan, Tianjin TEDA.