Hainan: the twelfth round of inspection problems found clues 160   involving 187 people – Politics – people.com.cn people.com.cn in Beijing in September 9, according to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department website news, recently, the Hainan Provincial Style provincial inspection group respectively to the twelfth round of inspections department, Hainan daily, Hainan radio and television station, the Provincial Planning Commission, the provincial CDC, provincial people’s Hospital, the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the provincial people were appointed, the Provincial Geological Bureau, the Provincial Local Taxation Bureau, the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau, provincial supply and marketing cooperatives, rural credit cooperatives, Yangpu Committee (CMC, Yangpu development and construction Holdings Limited), the Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau and other 15 provincial units of the party organization feedback inspection the situation, and the inspection rectification work requirements. From April to June this year, the Hainan Provincial Committee of the twelfth round of inspections sent 6 inspection teams to 15 provincial units to carry out inspections for a period of 2 months. During the inspection, the provincial inspection teams to deepen political inspections, stare at the key minority, efforts to find the problem, the formation of shock, successfully completed the inspection mission. Received 527 letters from and visits of 55 passengers, 46 passengers to 1478 passengers, individual talks, access to relevant information 33169, 229 investigation found the problem; 404, to promote the rectification issue 166; found the problem leads 160, involving 187 people. From the feedback of the inspection situation, patrol unit is weak, the leadership of the party construction of the party, lack of comprehensive problems such as lack of strict. The weakening of the party’s leadership. The political consciousness and the par consciousness is not strong, implement the guidelines and policies of the party and party a major decision to deploy the firm, some do work, the selective implementation, some industry development deviates from the purpose of serving the people, some of the duties within the scope of the major sensitive issues lack of judgments, not timely disposal. Party committees (party) leadership team cohesion is not strong, the execution of party work regulations are not in place, the overall situation and the ability of direction, the proposed event, decision making should be further improved. Some administrative office or Party Committee Party committee (party), instead of "three big" matters not on Party committees (party) will study. Some of the industry management is not in place, regulatory loopholes, the risk of large. Some industry reform in the field of spin and virtual transfer phenomenon, intermediaries and government decoupling is not thorough, the slow progress in decentralization. Lack of Party building is more common. Do not attach importance to Party building, Party building and business "two pieces of leather". Grassroots party organizations are weak. The party’s political life is not serious, "three will be a lesson" system is not implemented, the party life becomes a mere formality. Not required to pay dues problem. Ideological and political construction is not tight grasp, there is grass-roots party organizations do not understand the phenomenon of the party. Comprehensive strictly ineffective problem still exists. The main responsibility is not implemented, clean and honest risk prevention and control is lax, four winds problem repeated, more and more aspects of selection and appointment. Some leading cadres abusing power for the relatives profit, Kaoshanchishan, engage in the transfer of benefits. Some leading cadres not close hand convergence, its own discipline violations; individual party members and cadres using public funds to buy golf, work time playing golf. After the inspection feedback, the inspection unit was immediately launched a comprehensive full