More difficult! Guard board by rival milk averaged 40 tomorrow how many points do not know if this is not tainted milk sina sports news Beijing standard time on November 14th, tomorrow Houston Rockets will be in the home court against Philadelphia 76. According to the "Philadelphia Enquirer" reported that 76 boss Bret Brown believes James harden accepted the point guard role, as he is more difficult to prevent the ball. If 76 people even Tiny Tim Hardaway are not guard, what they can take to limit for a victory to harden? This is now most of the 76 fans do not want to think about things. In the last game against the Hawks, 76 people let them reserve guard Hardaway three points 10 small 5, scored 20 points. No. two to harden by one bit to make the problem more difficult. This change results harden is outstanding, the start of the season so far he can field 30 points, 13 assists and League most. Nearly 6 games, he has no more than 4 assists at least 15 times. "I think he has accepted the role of point guard," Brown said. "He’s done well with the guard." In the past, without the ball end harden more dangerous rocket will often give him the ball in the fourth quarter, at his disposal. "But now he is from the start as the ball, direct attack," Brown said, "he was now more difficult to prevent." 76 people also love rival harden. Played 2 times last season, harden field can be 39.5 points and 9 rebounds and 8 assists (with 6.5 turnovers). Perhaps the 76 best response is forcing harden to make mistakes. But even if 76 people do this, the presence of the 76 harden 2 guard Sergio Rodrigues and T.J- McConnel M, also enough to drink a pot. Therefore, 76 people may have to use the wheel on the defensive tactics when harden. "The Rockets play around him," Rodrigues said. "His passing is unbelievable. We’ll try to limit him, but it’s hard to stop him completely. We can only do our best." Nevertheless, Rodrigues stressed that 76 people will not surrender. Since January 20th this year, after the victory over the magic, the 76 consecutive games failed to win 19. Tomorrow, 76 people will encounter old acquaintances Mike – de – Anthony. Last season, Jerry – Konon Gillo’s invitation, he served as assistant 76. In May this year, DAntoni picked up the Rockets coach. "And he will meet great," 76 center djalil – Okafor said, "I did not have time to see him. I enjoyed it with him." (Chi Mei)