Golden ages: analysis of investors trading methods, why do you always make money? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Recently, too busy to work, and very few to comment on the Internet, there are a lot of people asked, you did not do the analysis, you have not seen you for a long time. See your grace so good, but intermittent. Sometimes I think I think it is very funny, thank you in advance for these friends of the author’s recognition. Not because I didn’t do the analysis, is really too busy recently, on the occasion of the golden nine silvers ten coming, I find the investment is more and more friends. We all want to take advantage of this opportunity to earn back before the loss. My heart is clear as the core of an analyst work is to bring together with my clients, comment on the Internet that is based on the cooperation with my friends I can take the job. As an analyst I deeply understand, bring together cooperation with my clients is my own, to be worthy of the trust of every friend of my investment. Many investors complained to me, "why is it that I can’t do a good deal? Market is not good to do now? Is not my bad luck? Or the teacher has a problem?…" Numerous questions, numerous answers, but also in the end is what you are in a state of mind to look at this market. Miss Li: actually, this is not my opinion market itself is difficult to do, but always had their own off, all losses are almost all from the set of single, contrarian, luck psychology; all transactions as long as the profit will quickly open, is what we called "hold"; this is human nature weakness, loss of profits get throught a thing carelessly to carry the dead in the end. A lot of people want to find a way to solve the problem, I will simply tell you "less luck, more rigorous" this is the most direct and simple way. Transactions in general I will develop strict discipline, investors need to be strictly enforced, if you can achieve the completion of ninety percent, I believe you are not far from success. But traders must understand that no one analysis can reach a hundred percent accurate, investment is a long-term process, we need to go slowly in practice for ideas, to form their own feeling, and then achieve stable profit. In this warning market, the majority of investors: do not let the weak into a habit, do not think that luck is to adhere to the dream. Whether right or wrong, when you break, continue the chaos." The market of every hue comments you may occasionally see all kinds of heart, and for your own articles and comments may also fast food you will encounter eye bombarded short articles and so on. The market itself is valuable, but the market will inevitably have some investors to take the direction of the article and the partial comments, this time I believe everyone will have a certain ability to think themselves to the market, you late regardless of the weather in the investment way, otherwise you will go astray, remind you must straighten out their own mentality, not blind to any judgment on