Jiangsu women’s volleyball team in the new season is still sent the whole class to win? Cai Bin: to Jiangsu women’s Volleyball Championship last year in Jiangsu women’s volleyball coach Cai Bin speak. Yin Xiaoping photo show team jersey Hui Ruoqi. Photo by Yin Xiaoping new season Women Volleyball League will be 28 this month opened zhanmu. Yesterday (October 22nd), Jiangsu Zhongtian steel women’s volleyball season launch ceremony was held in Changzhou, led by coach Cai Bin Zhang Changning, including Hui Ruoqi, Gong Xiangyu and other three Olympic champions, the Jiangsu women’s volleyball team all the soldiers attended the conference. After the conference, Cai Bin on the issue of concern to everyone to accept an interview with reporters. The new season to win? Cai Bin: you still strive to begin the new season of the top league, Jiangsu women’s volleyball team is undoubtedly a zenith steel team that has attracted much attention in the eyes of many teams, Jiangsu women’s volleyball team has become the favorites. This year, Jiangsu women’s volleyball team has been steadily from the previous year’s League third to league runner up last year, Cai Bin in the Jiangsu women’s volleyball team after the performance obvious to people. In fact, in the last year, Jiangsu women’s volleyball team will have the strength to win, but eventually lost to the Tianjin women’s volleyball team work not completed. Even the Tianjin women’s volleyball coach Wang Baoquan said after winning the championship, did not expect to get the championship from the hands of the Jiangsu women’s volleyball. This year, Jiangsu women’s volleyball team is still a hot favorite to win, moreover, has just won the Olympic champion in the women’s volleyball team China Rio 12, Jiangsu women’s volleyball team is accounted for the three places, in all parts of the team, is the largest number of selected. Moreover, the three of them played an important role in the Olympic games. The last ball in the final, Zhang Changning, Gong Xiangyu, Hui Ruoqi. Serve in the probe hit the scene, became a story of women’s volleyball Chinese. After the baptism of the Olympic Games, and then returned to the Jiangsu team, the natural fans of the three Olympic champion placed higher expectations, but also on the Jiangsu women’s volleyball team placed high hopes. However, in the face of winning expectations, coach Cai Bin is very low-key: not easy!" Cai Bin said that this year’s women’s Volleyball League foreign aid strength significantly enhanced, like Tianjin, they had strength is not weak, this year they have introduced two strong foreign aid. Others, like Shanghai and Beijing have introduced a strong foreign aid, although Henan freed Zhu Ting, but they also introduced foreign aid. And we are fighting the whole class this year." For the goal of the season, Cai Bin said: "we strive on tactics are further improved, as the target, and strive to the highest!" Introduction of foreign aid? Cai Bin: we are the "whole class" when it comes to foreign aid, the league this year is indeed the largest number of foreign aid, the highest level of the year. This makes Cai Bin a bit surprised: "the original estimate of 2017 is the National Games, the number of teams may introduce foreign aid will be reduced, but in fact the number of this season signings team bujianfanzeng, foreign aid is also more and more high level. For example, the Tianjin women’s volleyball team, Mikhailovich Lowe, Robinson of the Beijing women’s volleyball team are a major player in the Olympic Games three team, is the number of row in the world women’s volleyball." Cai Bin believes that the entry of foreign aid must be able to make a lot of team strength