More than a thousand overseas Chinese will go to three taking the source of "talk about the development – Beijing new network in Zhengzhou in September 20, (Liu Peng) before taking the tribal birthplace of Henan Shangqiu officially announced on 20, the sixth session of the Shangqiu International Festival will be Chinese? Chinese costumes in October 9th. 1500 overseas Chinese leaders, well-known economist and China (Overseas) business representatives will gather three taking the source of talk about economic development. Chinese entrepreneurs gathered in the source, build a Chinese dream". 20 at the press conference, the mayor of Henan, Shangqiu Zhang Jianhui out of this session will be a bright theme. He said that the local will strive to enhance the source of Chinese businessmen, access to Shangqiu, the brand image, the Chinese festival to become the world’s Chinese pilgrims to the holy land, a new platform for investment cooperation, showing the image of the big window. Zhang Jianhui introduction, according to the program will be deployed, this session of the Chinese people’s Day scale will be 1500. Include overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese, Chinese leaders and representatives of 200 outstanding Chinese people; Chinese business representatives, well-known economist 200 counties (Overseas); China’s 900 people, both at home and abroad, the ancient town, the old travel buyers on behalf of 120 people. The official said that this session of the Chinese festival will be adhering to the thrift will be pragmatic and pragmatic, open innovation, win-win cooperation principle. Arrange the opening ceremony of worship activities, chamber of Commerce forum, "Internet plus double" development forum, Chinese outstanding achievement exhibition, exhibition of achievements and personality to undertake industrial transfer stamps and other 9 activities. At the same time, the festival will also be customized for the local "1212" project, that is, invite more than 1000 people, the foundation or put into operation more than 20 projects signed more than the contract amount of more than 20 billion. Will focus on the leading industry, glued to influential, with power, resources integration of the project, pay attention to landing contract. On the day of the press conference was informed that the Shangqiu authorities do as soon as possible the businessmen invited to work, have to mobilize all forces, take door merchants, theme investment, business investment and other ways to invite. Up to now, has invited more than 1 thousand and 300 businessmen. Has been identified in the Chinese businessmen during the signing of the project has reached 64, with a total investment of 30 billion 900 million yuan. Shangqiu is located in the east of Henan Province, Henan, Shandong, Jiangsu and Anhui four provinces junction. As the first capital, is also a businessman, commercial goods, place of origin, known as "the three source of business, Chinese are". In 10 years, as "the world’s ten most influential Chinese Pro cultural event" international Chinese festival, has been successfully held five sessions in the local. (end)