Scolari: must win 6 consecutive super Hengda offensive completely better command of Scolari Sina game sports news the evening of September 10th, the twenty-fourth round of super league matches, Guangzhou Heng Brigade Road against Hebei Huaxia happiness team. The constant brigade has not win in August ushered in returning to the victory in the resumption of the League finally, with Huang Bowen, Alan, GalAT scored in the 3-0 win over Hebei Huaxia happiness team. After the game, Hengda coach Marcello Scolari first said: today we played very good, competition ability is very strong, in front of the opponent, we were very motivated, the offensive end had a lot of chances, also hold the goal. Before the game we did not attack the offensive, today completely changed. We have a new look after the intermission, and I am very happy. Alan’s injury but also by the doctor look, I hope he didn’t matter what. After the game, Scolari delayed for a long time to come to the press conference, and appeared in the release of the office, the Hengda coach also carried the luggage directly to the scene. For his being late, Scolari also explained: we want to catch the plane back to Guangzhou tomorrow morning, evening from the stadium will go to Tianjin, and then settled in a night, the morning of the second day back to Guangzhou, I felt a sweat left impolite, so just had a bath. Today, the first time I look at the more formal dress, was wearing a sportswear. For the well-being of Chinese team to replace the coach, Scolari also said: in my opinion, I think the arrival of Pellegrini will certainly be of great help in Hebei football, Chinese football, but a coach also need some time to run, want to give him a little time. As for Li Tie, he was a very good coach when I worked with him, and I really liked him. Also I will mention a person, our team of Hao Wei, working together with our days are very helpful for me, Hao Wei and Li Tie are Chinese future outstanding local football coach, they need Chinese so excellent coach, learn a little bit, and foreign coaches to learn together, to bring development the essence of football to China. Talking about the team today’s physical state is very good, Scolari bluntly: our players don’t have physical problems, Chinese team is Tuesday’s game, and international first came to Qinhuangdao, my only worry is Paulinho, he returned from Brazil, 30 hours of flight time, and. In 60 minutes I will put him off, but when I was about to change, Feng Xiaoting body feeling a little a bit later, Alan was injured, so not to Paulinho off. I think we can play a very good game as long as we can win together, because we are a team composed of the Chinese national team, the Korean national team and the Brazil national team. The previous paragraph because we are relatively large, a little slack, but now must be nervous. This is not only my coach and player duties, responsibilities, and I must get together for the Guangzhou players in six consecutive years. (Yu Jing)