China Paralympic medals lead half swimming athletes accounted for half of the country Paralympic table tennis players in virtuoso Ding Ning strive for the impossible side flapping like Paralympic medals Xinhua Rio de Janeiro September 12th sports special telegram (reporter Zheng Zhi He Jun) Brazil local time 12 days of the event marks the end of Rio has ended before the half for the Paralympic games. After 6 days, Chinese Paralympic corps with 50 gold medals, 40 silver medals and 28 bronze medals, a total of 118 medals of the achievement of a strong leader, which contributed 20 gold medals in swimming athletes. 12 Paralympic Games witnessed the Chinese delegation of a single day of 11 gold and 10 silver and copper performance of the 5. Swimming event four days to see gold. One armed swimmer Pan Shiyun broke his own world record in the men’s S7 class 50 meter butterfly final, with 28 seconds 41 won his second gold in rio. "Very surprised, did not think of the world record can be broken, very perfect." Pan Shiyun repeatedly lamented after the game, with the swimmer is the wife, always with a bright smile his face sweet: "this point she is still sleeping, go back and tell her the news!" The S11 level in the women’s 50 meter freestyle, before the goal is "beyond their own" Li Guizhi beyond all, 30 seconds to 73 to become the world record holder, also to make up for the gold medal in London four years ago Zhaiyin regret. Very few people know that she had suffered impairment of vision during the preparation stage to hurt her toes, a full 20 days can not walk, and even worried about whether he can come to rio. In addition, Zhang Li and Jiao gold respectively in the women’s 50 meter freestyle and S5 SM4 women’s 150 meter medley. "This has won the Paralympic gold ten gold king" in the days after a little tired of Xu qing. In the SM6 men’s 200 meter medley final after he was handed out, and accepted the treatment of the medical team. He appeared in a wheelchair with a smile to comfort everyone: "nothing, just a little hypoxia symptoms, so they did not let me walk." The first half with 10 gold medals in track and field and then take a golden day. The men’s F35 class Championship shot to the 32 year old Fu Xinhan is to join the sports dance for joy, this 16 years, he in the world championships and the Paralympic Games gold medal first taste sweet. He excitedly said, thanks to the support of his family and mentor, finally stood on the top of the world. After the Olympic Games, the Chinese team to continue to demonstrate the dominance of the field of table tennis, the day a total of 5 Paralympic gold medal was Chinese players in the bag. Zhang Mao classic and Realization of Paralympic Games in the women’s 8 and 5 singles in two consecutive years, Cao Ningning and Ge Yang respectively in the men’s 5 and 10 singles in the roost, for the first time to participate in the Paralympic Xue Juan won the 3 women’s singles. Ai Xinliang and Zhou Jiamin show Archer character in the composite bow mixed team finals, beat the British team to win a stable performance. After the game, two people expressed the hope that the Chinese people are able to see the wonderful performance of Chinese players, can be proud to play for the country. In sitting volleyball, women’s team beat the U.S. team to China 3:2, goalball women’s team to a 8:3 victory over the Canadian team. (end)