Fukuhara Ai and Jiang Hongjie announced the good news: and got married on September 1st – Beijing, Beijing, September 21, according to Taiwan’s news today news, the Taipei Tennis Master Jiang Hongjie and Japanese women Ai Fukuhara married! Two people today held a press conference in Japan, announced the good news, Jiang Hongjie also in Japanese self introduction. Tokyo held a press conference in Japan today, there are about 100 reporters attended the scene, quite grand, Ai Fukuhara wore a traditional Japanese kimono clothing; tomorrow (22 days) at 2:30 in the afternoon, Jiang Hongjie and Ai Fukuhara will be together in Taiwan held a press conference to announce the good news. Ai Fukuhara and Jiang Hongjie said today on September 1st registration of marriage, she was also the first to introduce the Japanese media Jiang honji. Jiang Hongjie is dressed in a black suit to attend, and in Japanese to the scene reporter self introduction, the first meeting, Hello, I am Jiang Hongjie, please enlighten today". Jiang Hongjie said Ai Fukuhara has always been very supportive of me, Ai Fukuhara said that no matter how trivial things, will talk with Jiang Hongjie, I hope you can support us as usual. Ai Fukuhara began playing basketball at the age of 3, as he often appeared on television and had a high profile in japan. 2012 London Olympic Games and the Rio Olympics in 2016, she was in the team to get 1 silver and 1 bronze. Jiang Hongjie read Hsinchu min rich hour began to contact table tennis, had in 2008 to lay the international table of the World Tour Finals at the age of 21 singles champion.