Guangzhou prosecutors: thorough investigation of the illegal intervene in economic disputes and other crimes – Beijing new network in Guangzhou in August 29, (Cheng Jingwei Guangzhou seized declared) Guangzhou City Attorney symposium will be held to promote the reform of the judicial system, in Guangzhou, the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate ouming parity, to fight against the legitimate rights and interests of non-public enterprises in accordance with the law the criminal crime, serious investigation of non-public enterprises circles reflect strong illegal intervene in economic disputes and other crimes, strengthen the supervision of filing the case involving non-public enterprises, and seized the application of compulsory measures and seizure freezing problems such as improper supervision. The meeting proposed that Guangzhou prosecutors should strive to achieve the goal of building services to protect the hub of Guangzhou city network and the city’s important central cities. Ou Mingyu said, to correctly grasp the legal and policy boundaries, explore the fault tolerance mechanism in the innovation of science and technology, science and technology achievements, carefully handle the financing legal policy research funding in the capital management of industrialization, the problem, especially to distinguish the boundaries between equity dividends, intellectual property, achievements and other legitimate income and the crime of corruption and bribery, to create a good the environment to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, promote the cultivation of new economic growth vigor. He said, Guangzhou, Nansha is a state-level new area, free trade zone and independent innovation demonstration zone, and now it is positioned as Guangzhou City sub center, in the future of urban construction in Guangzhou has a pivotal position. Guangzhou City prosecutors actively promote the construction of Nansha Free Trade Zone, improve the financial, intellectual property rights, Hong Kong and Macao crimes organized by the organization to explore a convenient and efficient mode of Judicial Services and ways. Since this year, Guangzhou City prosecutors actively involved in rectifying and standardizing the market economic order, Internet financial sector special rectification, to highlight the stakeholders, multiple economic crimes, 235 386 people indicted 195 397 people arrested. (end)