Japanese media: Lippi’s foot or savior 12 match is expected to counter attack line – Sohu sports media screenshot   Beijing on October 22nd news, the evening of the same day, Chinese Football Association announced on the official website of Lippi as the new coach of national football China, will notch in the 12 finals games. Japanese media broke the news in a timely manner, said China in the Italy team is expected to marshal under the command of Russia on 2018 12 of the World Cup tournament staged to achieve counter attack, qualify the miracle. Japanese media reports, the Chinese team in the 12 round of the October 11th A round of the group, 0-2 lost to Uzbekistan, ranking dropped to the end. Coach Gao Hongbo announced his resignation after the game. 2012-2014 coached Super League strong Guangzhou Evergrande achieved excellent record of 68 year old coach Louis Lippi to become the new coach of the national football China, can realize the outside world hopes to play Savior attractive. Earlier rumors of Lippi will be in the next season, Hengda Hengda in regression, but the official website statement: "in August 3rd this year and Lippi reached a consensus, but now we have officially lifted the contract, Lippi will focus on national football coaching. Lippi used to be a defender, retired in 1982 after the start of the coaching career, has coached Juventus and other 12 Italy club team. In 2004, Lippi became the coach of the Italy national team, in 2 years after the success of the world cup in Germany to help Italy boarded the throne. Lippi Chinese coach, also made dazzling achievements, won 3 consecutive championships in the domestic, 2013 is the first time won the league title AFC Champions League. Japanese media pointed out that at present in the bottom panel of the Chinese team won the World Cup qualifying prospects grim, 12 match to Lippi Krzyzewski and display the power of the 6 game, his national football debut is 15 next month against Qatar home court game: "he can perform miracles in the top 12 after the game in the second half, to help Chinese team the counter attack has won the World Cup qualifying, has become the focus of." Japanese fans also become hot topic of national football coach Lippi, said: "the Japan Football Association should learn Chinese football, Harry Hodichi fired courage as soon as possible, for the Japanese national football coach right." But there are a lot of people are not optimistic about the prospects of his coach Lippi: "it is difficult to save the weak strength of the Chinese team", "Lippi’s fame is destroyed in the China country foot", "national team is different from foreign aid booster club team, unless the team immediately Chinese foreign players domestication, or the World Cup qualifying Lionel messi." (Mai Yuan)