Over forty thousand South Korean media blasted China fans fans million less than the Sohu sports Korean media reported screenshot Beijing on September 2nd news 2018 Russia World Cup Asian Zone final qualifier (12 match) opened yesterday, the South Korean team in the home court to a 3-2 victory over Chinese team. South Korean media said, in addition to Chinese team broke the Korean team in the World Cup qualifier against zero record let South Korea Football Association is not satisfied, the scene of the China fans less than ten thousand people, the Korea Football Association disappointed: "before the game is expected to have more than thirty thousand fans to help China array, but the result is thunder, little rain." South Korean media said that China’s population of more than 1 billion 300 million, even if the Chinese people living in South Korea has risen to millions of people. So many fans are optimistic about the public opinion China to save, in recent years, South Korea Football Association national team international class a very troublesome problem at the box office competition. The media, including the organization at the party concerned that the four Seoul World Cup Stadium parking lot to meet then arrived at the scene of the China fans exclusive bus. South Korea I propaganda official, Seoul World Cup stadium can accommodate about 66 thousand spectators, the first Football Association requested 30 thousand tickets Chinese. After consultations, decided to the south side of the 1 and 2 floor seats away fans a total of 15 thousand tickets for the Chinese, but the game last night, the only one seat sat about 8 thousand people Chinese fans: "China was originally very confident to sell the tickets, but that is not the case. On the one hand, there are a lot of Chinese fans to buy tickets because of visa problems can not come to korea." However, due to South Korea’s "world news" detailed investigation of lost and found office, South Korea Football Association said: "after the official and the Korea Tourism Company confirmed that the main reason is Chinese local propaganda about the match suck, many fans are Chinese misunderstanding is as long as arrived in South Korea, you can get free tickets for the match, so there is no Chinese purchase in advance." The report revealed that about 8 thousand people on the day of the Chinese fans in Chengdu is living in South Korea, the Chinese people, in fact, the reporter also asked them at the scene, many people are living in South Korea, Chinese people are answered by the Chinese people in the South Korea, the Chinese people are living in korea." South Korean media said, with the "thunder and heavy rain," the Chinese fans, the day the number of South Korean fans more than 40 thousand people (according to statistics, the total number of spectators in the game was 51238). This is largely because of the Korea Football Association took the pitch: "in order to There was no parallel in history. to buy high priced tickets for the Korean fans think, implemented a series of measures: as long as the discount to buy K League for last week’s people, you can enjoy forty percent off discount; group, ticket network can also have different degrees of discount." Reported that the war between China and South Korea is essential, not only the players, South Korean fans also use practical action to maintain the dignity of the Korean football. (Mai Yuan)