The Asian challenge – the Olympic two straight wins top the group star 19+7 won two straight Olympic sports Tencent in September 12th 2016 Asian Basketball Challenge in Iran’s capital Tehran 1812 group phase second, A group of Chinese Olympic men’s basketball team beat Kazakhstan 106-85, won the group first entered the semi-finals two game winning streak. The technical statistics of the game, the team hit rate as high as 56% consecutive games, a hit rate of over 50%, 30 from the free throw line for 25, the same outstanding performance, the team scored in double figures 4, Hu Jinqiu 19 points and 7 rebounds, he Tianju faxus 17 points, 16 points, Zhao Yanhao 13 points and 9 points, the original handsome 3 assists, Liu Zhixuan 7 points and 5 assists, Zhao Dapeng 7. The competition focus of Asian Basketball Challenge is the predecessor of the Asian Cup Basketball Tournament, a total of 12 teams participated, divided into 4 groups, China team and team with Jordan and Kazakhstan in group A, group phase two wins the Olympic men’s basketball team won the first group. The top 5 teams will qualify for the 2017 Asian Cup (formerly Asian Championships). The visit to the Iran team, Chinese team sent all 90 players consisting of the Olympic team, Li Nan served as head coach, player, after the Olympic Games in Rio Zou Yuchen and Liaoning striker he joined the team Tianju. The first section of the game at the start of the game, Hu Jinqiu took the lead in the score, Kazakhstan team CIC also had a 2-2 draw, the two sides start. Since then, the two sides alternately lead, the first section of the middle, Kazakhstan, even the two record three points, once the 18-11 pulled a little difference. The Olympic team after the suspension, change the offensive strategy, constantly making free throws in the attack inside, Hu Jinqiu and Zhao Dapeng has scored a penalty goal, before the end of the first quarter, the original handsome buzzer score, the Olympic team to a 13-0 run the end of the first quarter, the score 32-24 Kazakhstan team leader. The game in the second quarter, Liu Zhixuan layup, the Olympic team 34-24 will be opened to the poor two digit. Under the Kazakhstan team defense, the Olympic team offensive in some way, but the Kazakhstan team is also due to the large scale of the foul and eat the unsportsmanlike foul, second half, Cui Jinming hit three points, the Olympic team leading 45-34. Before the end of the first half, Fan Ziming, Hu Jinqiu has scored a penalty goal, the original three handsome also, the Olympic team the first half 65-44 will be widened to more than 20 points. After the break, the game continues, Kazakhstan Glenealy 6 points, the score to 50-65, Liu Zhixuan hit three points, the Olympic team 68-50 to stabilize the situation. The basket Tao Hanlin strong beat 2+1, penalty was also, more than half of the third quarter, the Olympic team 76-57 lead, the Kazakhstan team players because of dissatisfaction with the referee again to eat a technical foul, two points difference has been maintained at 20 points, before the end of the third quarter, Zhao Yanhao hit a record three points in a lucky ball close to the bottom position of the Olympic team 87-63 with a 24 point lead into the final one. The last section, the Kazakhstan team played a 8-2 offensive, the score to 71-89. Li Nan request to suspend, after the game continues, Zou Yuchen grabbed offensive rebounds, the hands of every person dunk, Olympic)