The bull will confirm the US men’s basketball team had strayed into the brothel: that was a mistake at the time of the test of God and Jordan has been photographed sina sports news Beijing time on September 7th, according to the Larry Brown sports report, Chicago bulls star Jimmy Butler in an interview recently confirmed the U.S. men’s basketball players during the Olympic Games in Rio into brothels reported at the same time, he stressed that he is not one of them. Last month, the media exposed the United States men’s basketball players went into a shop in the city of Rio netherwhelp, they thought the Spa shop, but is a high-grade local brothel. It was reported that Andre de Jordan, DeMarcus – cousins DeMar, DeRozan and three other American basketball players into the brothel unknowingly, but when he heard the truth, they quickly leave. Recently, Jimmy Butler in an interview with Colin Kauhad confirmed the news. "I mean, it’s a mistake. Everyone left and went to a real bar and ordered a drink. I have no problem with that." When asked whether he was a brothel strayed into the USA team in Rio, Butler denied: "who? Me? I was never seen. Not me." (Rosen)