Who can teach the bad guys? The broker will recommend to the bar of God on the United gold broker operation before inter mentoring love hate reunion! The world was very calm and very guards wave Balotelli 15 career goal guards sports news August 25th Tencent comparison have been very highly Balotelli Mancini, former Italy coach, "sage" Cesare Prandelli knows how to handle the problem of young Palestinian god. In a very long period of time, a lot of Marshal Klopp, including the Bundesliga madman with Balotelli, no way. The day before the bar of God’s agent Raiola will recommend it to Manchester United, the former Inter mentoring in the United Reformed? Liverpool coach klopp (data) is obviously not like Balotelli, he told Balotelli: their plans for the new season without him, if you want to play is the only way to move. Strange to say, during the period 2011-2012 were shine in the Premier League and European Cup after Balotelli, in the summer of 2014 by the Milan transfer to Liverpool, contributed only 1 in the Premier League, which is leased to Milan, its performance is still no improvement. Is this acknowledged genius not saved? According to "Milan sports newspaper" the news, the operation bogeba Manchester United gold broker Raiola, has recommended Balotelli to Manchester United, Raiola tries to persuade Mourinho, let the former Inter mentoring reunion at old trafford. It is reported that Balotelli and Mourinho have met privately, I do not know whether this will contribute to this potential transaction. Mourinho had laughed at the evaluation of God: "I worked with this boy for two years, can write 200 pages of books, and all comedy." Perhaps Mourinho will soon be able to prove that, in addition to the Saint Prandelli, he can also control the bad guy. (Niu Niu)