Ancelotti: Senior Bayern more than Real Madrid do not need to know the ball [collection] Gregory Saltzman 3-0 win over Bayern, Berlin Ribery Luo Bensuo scored victory Ancelotti said Real Madrid (data) chairman of Tencent do not understand the ball sports news in September 23rd by the French "equipe" interview, Ancelotti made it clear that the biggest difference between Real Madrid and Bayern is the president of Bayern Beckenbauer had done more than understand the ball players, Real Madrid president. Ancelotti led Real Madrid won the Champions League, but a year after being ruthless fired, the Italy coach Bernabeu was very popular, but Perez insisted on its fire, Real Madrid president so much criticism. In this summer, Ancelotti became Bayern’s new coach, led the team so far achieved victory record, created the best start in Bayern history. Asked about the difference between Real Madrid and Bayern, Ancelotti said: "what’s the difference between Bayern and Real Madrid? The club level is very similar, perhaps the difference is that the president of Bayern, before playing ball, he knows more about football, in Madrid, there are a lot of outside pressure, television, radio and newspapers, but there is a different feeling in germany." Rumors this summer in Bayern had intended to introduce Atletico first Gregory in this regard, Ancelotti Saltzman, quickly denied: "Gulliver Saltzman? We already have Lavon." The recent news that Bayern intends to have the highest paid contract with Lavon, Ancelotti insists he will not take anyone for Lavon: "I am sure he will renew, I won’t take Lavon for anyone. Glenn Seidman has made great progress in the past two years, he can play for the European giants. But we have a very good striker." For Lavon transfer rumors, Ancelotti disagree: in the past 5-10 years has been such a rumor." So, if Ancelotti moved to bogeba? Will Bayern sign such a world transfer fee to sign the French? Ancelotti is very simply: "no, impossible, we have Alonso Vidal, a galaxy of talents in midfield, and Tiago, Sanchez kimmich, although very young, but he has great potential." (Fei Yi)