Shanghai Media: successful signings help Shenhua club management breakthrough worth celebrating a goal Martins morning news reporters Gan Hui and not Heng Da, Luneng, Guoan, Hong Kong and other solid domestic players of the team, not China happy, Su Ning, Heng Da, Hong Kong and other large generous signings, but in this season’s competition, Shenhua in talent shows itself. The League left 4 cases, behind the super league standings in third place, the FA Cup in the top 4. As the saying goes, a good beginning is half the battle. Shenhua this season’s achievements, cannot do without successful signings. The 2016 season of the winter break, Shenhua with 5 full Neiyuan places, to replace the 3 foreign aid. Although there is no in the most expensive food, but it is very useful "food", effectively strengthening the Shenhua Shenhua team, is now blooming, provides the most adequate nourishment". To transfer the winter break, Shenhua introduced Li Shuai, Qin Sheng, Li Yunqiu, Bi Jinhao, Wang Lin and other 5 Neiyuan, replacing Jin Jixi, guarin and Martins 3 foreign aid. These players, in addition to Martins, the other is in the backcourt players, can be said to be quite a number of prospective Shenhua team for pulse, exposed in the 2015 season, for the effective transfer. In Shenhua came before, Li Shuai just substitute goalkeeper Hengda, chance is not much. So the deal has sparked a lot of controversy. Judging from the current situation, the club had insisted, in exchange for the current harvest. It has been said that a good goalkeeper is equivalent to half the team, there are good matches, Li Shuai’s outstanding performance, plays a crucial role. Away against Tianjin TEDA game, if Li Shuai is not high low block, cannot possibly later victory. Geng Xiaofeng, Qiu Shengjiong are quite characteristic of the players, but relatively speaking, more comprehensive, but also in the perennial Hengda such giants in the invasion, but also to have a special temperament of the body of Li Shuai Li Shuai. Guarin and Qin Sheng formed a double waist Shenhua, also in front of the team’s defence to build a very solid barrier. Modern football, waist role is pivotal, is the hub of offensive and defensive conversion. Last year the League first half, Shenhua eat enough "waist" bad loss. Later, the League introduced Sissoko, waist up, the results have improved. Until now, Shenhua lost 28 balls in the 26 round of the league, only Hengda and in Amdo, averaging about 1 lost ball than last season, averaging about 1.47 ball has been greatly improved. It should be said that the introduction of these players, reinforcing the key position in the backcourt, plays a key role. The most cost-effective signings Ba early season, a lot of people think, Shenhua this season is over. However, Martins took the gun ba. Until now, Martins has scored 9 goals in the Super League, the FA Cup and scored 6 goals, the first FA Cup scorer behind. Martins’s fee is less than the current top 1/12 super foreign aid; on the same salary, the gap is not small, but the top 1/4 super foreign aid. This season,.