Tokyo international Zhang Shuai hope into the quarter finals victory over Native American veteran Zhang Shuai, sina sports news Beijing on September 15th news, the total prize money of $250000 for the WTA international tour of Japan Women’s tennis tournament in Tokyo women’s singles second round competition, the No. 6 seed, a sister Zhang Shuai China against Japan hope Osaka Naomi, Zhang Shuai eventually won by the quarter finals 6-3 6-2. The next round she will play against veteran Le F Yisi C. The Japanese players win over Cantat Witt Osaka Naomi in the first round to send the eggs, China players face host Hosadumi Eri Zhang Shuai in the first round, the final 7-6 (4) 1-6 6-3 hard out of opponents, and advanced to the second round. Less than 19 year old Japanese girl this year in the three Grand Slam has reached the top 32, the Japan and Haiti hybrids have very good physical quality, serve and attack all have great threat, she won another China player Duan Yingying in the second round of the US open. The first Zhang Shuai from the first tee, Paul made it easy after No. 6 seed began to attack each other’s serve, Zhang Shuai use the bottom line of the opponent continuous failure of successful break, after a beautiful mind Ace ball, Zhang Shuai 3-0 to start leading. After Osaka Naomi secures the position with the same strong serve to keep serve at this time, Zhang Shuai on his serve in the fluctuations, but Osaka Naomi forehand unforced errors for ruin opportunity, Zhang Shuaibao kept leading 4-1. In sixth, the Japanese girl mistakenly sent continuous double break point, but the key moment of her back after the break points ball feel, to chase the score 2-4. The key of the seventh inning, Osaka Naomi released the full fire break after a forehand, the score closer to 3-4. Japanese girl mentality fluctuations again, Zhang Shuai even with 6-3 to take the first break. The second set of Osaka Naomi is still not in the state, Zhang Shuai took advantage of this opportunity to break the opponent’s serve two consecutive times, got the lead 4-0. Two people each hair, Zhang Shuai keep 5-1 ahead. In a service bureau of Osaka Naomi all non insurance can not, Chinese Jinhua got the match point, but the opponent saved match point Paul made a success. Zhang Shuai in the ball game, Osaka Naomi improves the reception of the attack, Zhang Shuai again missed the match point, the final Chinese Jinhua cash third match points, 6-2 to win the game. The game takes 1 hours and 15 minutes. Before the end of the game, 6-3 6-1 in Norwich, Texas riske, grubic 6-2 6-7 (5) 6-3 victory over Lynette. Le F Yisi C 6-2 3-6 6-4 beat Larson to become the next round of opponents of the Zhang Shuai. (Yang Hongzhi)