Yang Xingxin lost the Kazakhstan players by judging differences WBA champion Yang Xingxin Nur negative zuhal sina sports news on October 22nd, unified oil -WBA China occupation boxing champions league in Ningxia Yinchuan zhenbeipu "(YinChuan Railway Station)" on the second day of the game. WBC ABCO and WBA PABA subordinate subordinate intercontinental champion Yang Xingxin in the 147 pounds and Kazakhstan player Nur Sultan in the game, for the vacant WBA China institutions 154 pounds of gold belt defeat, suffered fifth defeats of the occupation career. The 24 year old Nur zuhal from Kazakhstan national team, currently signed in Xinjiang white horse coach Xinjiang snow leopard (HA Bo LAN) boxing hall. According to Nur introduced zuhal 300 field experience in amateur boxing Olympic system, once the registration in the AIBA WSB, named the Kazakhstan national team as a substitute, but did not play WSB games. Before the day after the weighing, in the dining room, Yang Xingxin Liu Gang called Yang Xingxin promotion told him to be careful not to underestimate the enemy. This time Yang Xingxin as 147 pounds (66.67 kilograms) of the players, is leapfrog to 154 pounds (69.85 kg) to play the game. The first time to participate in the occupation of the war Nur slightly heavier, he is playing in the Amateur Field 69 kg (154 pounds) and 75 kg (165 pounds) of players. Although the first occupation fight, and hit up the 10 round of the title fight, but the white horse coach is very confident, that their player Nur Sultan no problem, because although he is an amateur player but the Kazakhstan Olympic system, training system and Chinese Olympic system, he played very tough, can to adapt to the occupation competition." This is from the beginning of the game has been certified, Nur and the two sides are playing very hard, fast exchange speed of the exchange between the two sides of the game, Yang Xingxin. Yang Xingxin opened the opponent was back, but in exchange for the attack he took back some cheap. From the situation of the game, there are 18 career record Yang Xingxin in the strength and even some disadvantages. The second round opponent to afterburner, Yang Xingxin grabbed Nur Sultan before hand, started to get advantage. But 1 minutes later, opponents even before hand, even can play left three points, the fist proceeds through the holding frame Yang Xingxin hit his face. The round before the end, Yang Xingxin was in the corner and even competitors, lost the advantage. The third round, opponents play more ruthless, Yang Xingxin seems to have some psychological burden, the initiative is not enough punches, the attack is not clear enough. The fourth round is Yang Xingxin played the most clear and effective for 3 minutes, he began to use the pace of moving out of the fist, after the opponent to grab the hands of the hands of the hands of the former Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, Nur. In the attack on the combination, Yang Xingxin has been a good opportunity to fight. The fifth round, both sides began to exchange very dense, Yang in exchange for the cheap, but the latter not in a corner in the emergence, once again by consecutive opponents before the straight batter, both sides of the round basically equal advantage. The sixth round, the two again in the audience’s cheers in the fierce