10 NBA: Thomas Everson Coupe Cheik hope on O’neal sports Sohu Beijing time on September 10th, NBA is in the offseason, the following is today union news summary: Bull boss happy into the hall of fame bull boss Jerry Leinsdorf will officially enter the hall of fame in 1985, Leinsdorf bought the bull, he became a bull boss after the Bulls won 6 champions and talk about their Hall of fame, Leinsdorf said: "I always have so many good people doing good work, I am very proud of, this is the bull become a global brand, and the main reason to win multiple championships. I’ve said it many times, and the only thing I can do is to find good people. In fact, I don’t even know why I’m in the hall of fame, but since they let me in, I’m happy." This summer, Ross and Nuo A leave, bull introduced Wade, Rondo and Jimmy – Butler formation of the big three, this Leinsdorf said, "these three players are all very good, they also hope that this combination can have effect, they will talk to coach Hoiberg and other players, they are eager to know each other cooperation." Do not retire Garnett now from the Timberwolves before the start of training camp in less than 3 weeks, now the team is waiting for Garnett Garnett’s decision, when the wolves boss Glen Taylor said in an interview: "Kevin hasn’t told me, or I will prompt him to continue playing. I guess he will give me the answer in the next three weeks." The Timberwolves coach Tom – Thibodeau said, Garnett and Taylor discuss the boss only. The next season Garnett’s contract is $8 million, in this offseason he hardly even team and media contact, if Garnett chose to continue playing, then he will usher in the twenty-second season of occupation career. Last season due to repeated knee pain problem, Garnett played only 38 games, averaging 14.6 minutes to play, contributed by 3.2 points, 3.9 rebounds and 1.6 assists. Thomas hope to AI after the Celtics have repeatedly expressed admiration for Allen Iverson, now at Iverson into the hall of fame, Thomas once again expressed his admiration. "This is not only a glory to him, but to all who respect him," said Thomas. "In my opinion, he is the best player for everyone involved in the sport. Back on the court, of course I want to be a player like him. He told me that he and I were of the same kind, and I was on my own path, like him, and now he told me that no one should interfere with you. This is a test for me, which means he recognizes my style of play. Not only does he like me, but I like him. It contains the meaning of many, because I follow the path he walked forward, I want to be a man like him." Thomas, who was the first star of the season last year, has repeatedly stressed that he wants to be the best player in the league’s history of six feet. Don’t deny the Washington Wizards coach team coach Scott Bruce)