The Premier League review – West Ham 0-3 hornet goalkeeper 10 Southampton Burnley escapement ultra long distance hanging door keeper across the World Premier League Premier League for the end of the sixth round of Tencent September 27th sports news Beijing standard time on September 27th morning, 2016-17 Premier League season zhanba sixth, Southampton 3-0 victory over West Ham, Austen was shot, Tadic and Prowse break; Burnley beat Waterford 2-0 home court. Kean Hendrik and Michael header into the top respectively. West Ham 0-3 Southampton new West Ham season plagued by injuries, before the 5 round they lost 4 games. Southampton week in the League Cup 2-0 victory over Crystal Palace, the last 3 games in all competitions victory. This service, Ariza continued to front, and Antonio paillet wings, blue Qini behind. In Southampton, Austen and Redmond jointly, behind Tadic. Third minutes, ogbonna ball, Ariza peripheral Dapian long-range left foot. Eighth minutes, Bertrand pass, Hoy Baer G restricted the right of the door is blocked. Tenth minutes, Ariza ball, Antonio outside the right foot shot dapian. Twelfth minutes, paillet pass, Ariza box header was blocked. Fortieth minutes, Bertrand left the middle cross into the restricted area, Austen outflank his left foot low shot into the far corner succeeded, 0-1! Southampton road ahead. Forty-fourth minutes, Hoy Baer G ball, Redmond right small angle of attack, Adrian rescue, then Tadic sent pass, Cedric right foot shot dapian. Easy side battles, from the West Ham for LAN qini. Fifty-first minutes, in the other, the top of the head. Subsequently, Cedric pass, Tadic in the restricted area of the left foot shot, Adrian rescue. Sixty-second minutes, Austen sent pass, Tadic went into the restricted area of Adrian Guo attack the ball into the empty net, 0-2! In seventy-fifth minutes, wonderful, right into the restricted area of Redmond, Adrian denied the ball for eightieth minutes, Prowse played for Tadic. Eighty-second minutes, pass the ball, Sean – Lang restricted area before the right foot door blocked. Eighty-sixth minutes, Cedric to do the ball, the penalty area in the right foot of the door was blocked Prowse. Ninety-second minutes, Stephen – Davies Redmond pass down the left triangle back, West Ham defender blocked, Prowse in front of the left foot tip break, 0-3! This is Prowse’s first goal of the new season, the last time he broke the saints back to January of this year. The final Southampton 3-0 away victory over West Ham, the tournament won 4 straight. West Ham (4231):13- Adrian 4- (24- Ashley Fletcher – Lord Victor 71′), 2- Reed, 21- 5-, Arbeloa 16-, Nobel ogbonna 8- Kouyate 30- Antonio, Renzini 10- (7- feghouli 46′), 27- (4312) 11- Southampton paillet Ariza:1- Forster 2-, Cedric 6-, Van Dyk 21-, 17- Wundtian Bertrand Hoy Baer G, 23- 14- Luo Meiwu, 8- Stephen – Davies 11- Tadic (16- Prowse 8)