The U. S. – small de 3-1 Yangnuoweici wins Nadal beat former Asian sports brother – Sohu Beijing time on August 30th morning, the 2016 grand slam tennis tournament ended the first day of competition, in the men’s singles first round match, the defending champion Serbia King Djokovic, beat Poland 3-1 in the Yangnuoweici into the second round. In other competitions, the No. 4 seed Nadal of Spain king sent invisible eggs, three sets of 3-0 in Tomintoul, No. 7 seed SIRIC beat Silva 3-0, a US Islamic Nell Lianban three 3-2 reverse TIA philippines. The small German 3-1 Yangnuoweici (6-3 5-7 6-2 6-1) Djokovic last season won three Grand Slam champion, won the 2016 Australian Open and French Open champion, but Wimbledon was eliminated early, then the Olympic Games the first round upset was eliminated, the state has declined. In the first round of the US open a small German rival is Yangnuoweici, who reached the Wimbledon semifinals. The first game, at the beginning of each completed Baofa 2-2 Ping, Djokovic then force even with a broken protect a 5-2 lead, then issued their own security 6-3 to win the first set. The second game, issued their own security level 2-2 after Horowitz, Yano even with a broken protect a 4-2 lead, then a small German back broken up into 4-4 flat. Their own security level 5-5 after Horowitz, Yano won the eleven game, the small German non insurance can not serve in Yangnuoweici, complete the break to win the two set 7-5. Third small deljan broken with Paul 2-0 lead, then a small German once again defeated opponents serve, 6-2 to win the third set 2-1 lead. The fourth day, the first Yangnuoweici was a small German break serve, then Paul made second 2-0 lead. Fifth small and medium-sized German once again to complete the break, then Paul made a 5-1 lead in the seventh game, the small German team once again break Yangnuoweici serve, 6-1 to win the fourth set, so the total score 3-1 win to advance the second round. Nadal Istomin (6-1 3-0 6-4 6-2) Spanish king Nadal is seeded No. 4, in the first round opponent is the Uzbekistan players istomin. The first game, issued their own security level 1-1 after third innings, Nadal completed the first break, then Paul made fourth 3-1 lead. Fifth Istomin again break, Nadal then even with a break of 6 game winning streak, 6-1 won the first contact to send eggs. The second game, Nadal first break in the second inning, then Paul made third 3-0 lead. The seventh inning Istomin realized back breaking, then Paul made a 4-4 flat eighth. Nadal in the ninth inning to complete the security key, then the tenth inning to achieve the key break, 6-4 to win the second set 2-0 lead. The third day, issued their own security to 2-2, Paul Nadal with a break even 4-2 lead, backward Istomin powerless to resist, Nadal once again to complete the break, 6-2 won the third set, the total score 3-0 into the second round. This game on the other men’s singles competition, the 2014 U.S. Open champion SIRIC three straight sets victory over Brazil player Silva, the brother Ismail behind 0-2 Nell, even pull three disc 3-2 with reverse)