User rating: Hengda 6 consecutive win another hope to summon the dragon take AFC Champions League GalAT waved to fans of sina sports news the evening of October 23rd, the twenty-eighth round of Super League a focus of the war, Guangzhou Hengda home court drew 1-1 with Yanbian flight, also the 2 round of remaining in the league, leading the second Jiangsu Suning 7 points, won the 2016 super the championship ahead of time, also achieved 6 consecutive super league. After many users for Hengda home court 1-1 draw with Yanbian, to achieve six consecutive super gives his own comments, both the expression of blessing for Hengda, Hengda look forward to take AFC Champions League champion, also said the Hengda game is poor, is not conducive to the thriving development league. Sina sports summary part of the user comments: how to look good six rows of stars." "Next year one can summon the dragon." Lippi: No. 9 and No. 18 in Yanbian! I’m going to get them into the national team. They are korean. Lippi: No. 14, too. The midfield is stronger than Hao Junmin. He is also the South Korean foreign aid…" "The rest two rounds of Hengda achieved the whole class to play, but also to the whole of the bench." "Hengda did not win enough! Looking forward to the next AFC Champions League champion!" "Although the championship, but the ball did not have a good foot in Yanbian!" "Now the second half Hengda is not to win, now the second half of this year really ugly, how to play in, but also how to play AFC Champions League." "If there is a warm Chinese football, then this is the warmth of Hengda given, Congratulations, all the way along!" "Guangzhou did not win enough, looking forward to next year AFC Champions League Championship again! Occasionally, miss Muriqui, a God in the first day!" "When there is a thriving club for several seasons, the National League is almost finished"