Jiangxi allocated 99 million yuan to subsidize poor children in early childhood education – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Nanchang September 26th – (reporter Qin Hong) reporter from the Jiangxi Provincial Department of finance was informed that, at present, Jiangxi has allocated pre-school funding 99 million yuan of special funds for education fees and meals for poor children in inclusive kindergarten subsidy. According to the Jiangxi provincial finance department responsible person, Jiangxi allocated preschool education funding will be used in the approved inclusive kindergarten admission of children from poor families, orphans and disabled children, children of martyrs. Have been filing riser children from poor families will receive priority funding and funding tilt standards. It is understood that the poor children in Jiangxi preschool education subsidy standards for not less than 500 yuan per person per year, with an average subsidy of about 10% of the total number of kindergartens. The Finance Department of Jiangxi Province, around the need to preschool education special fund issued to the recipient parents through the bank card, shall not directly deduct fee charges, shall not raise other fees or charges without the establishment of the project.