What is the annual salary of 120 thousand in China in the end how much revenue? Sohu Finance recently, the media said the annual salary of 120 thousand yuan or more, may be identified as high-income earners. Triggered a lot of hot. A lot of people are feeling very confused: 120 thousand years, in the North Canton deep life is difficult, Shoufu can not afford to pay, how can we calculate high income? However, in a good news soon, the mainstream media quickly vocal rumor: the annual income of over 120 thousand yuan to be included in the high income population plus tax, tax reform is purely out of thin air; the so-called "three step" is Weakness lends wings to rumours. The origin of the "120 thousand high income" why the annual salary of 120 thousand will become a limit for everyone? Read financial access to relevant reports found that in 2005, the State Council passed the regulations for the implementation of the decision of the personal income tax law amendment, "the individual income exceeds the amount as prescribed by the State Council" defined as "the annual income of 120 thousand yuan" situation, and authorized the National Tax Administration formulate specific measures of administration. 120 thousand income from the State Administration of Taxation, become the object of obsession ". 2006, the State Administration of Taxation requires the implementation of self declaration of tax on high-income earners, one of the standards is the personal income of 120 thousand yuan or more. 2010, the State Administration of Taxation issued a document again said that the annual income of more than 120 thousand yuan taxpayers to declare their own taxpayers is a statutory obligation. July 2011, the implementation of the new tax law promulgated, the annual income of more than 120 thousand yuan of the crowd and a lot of care". Article thirty-sixth provides: "the annual income of more than 120 thousand yuan of tax obligations, should be in accordance with the provisions of the competent tax authorities for tax returns." In the local newspaper cognition, annual income of more than 120 thousand were automatically in high earners. As of 2011, the Guangzhou daily "in Guangzhou 8 years into the high income of more than 120 thousand, the per capita tax 53 thousand" published reports, the paper said: "this year (Guangzhou City Bureau) released the first annual income distribution of high income people. According to statistics, the annual income of high-income groups are mainly distributed in the range of 120 thousand to $500 thousand per year……" You can see that from the central to the local tax system, the default annual income of more than 120 thousand of taxpayers for the need for special care of the taxpayer, but it is high income groups". Who can earn 120 thousand? In fact, 10 years ago, $120 thousand is not low. But 10 years later, what is the concept of $120 thousand? From the regional perspective, in the three or four line city, not low. But in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen and some key second tier cities, the middle class may not even be considered. In Beijing, for example, the data show that in 2015 the average wage of workers in Beijing was 85038 yuan, an average annual growth rate of about 7%, about 5 years, the average wage of workers in Beijing will be able to reach the income standard of $120 thousand. Up to five social insurance and one housing fund and tax considerations first-tier cities of high traffic and housing costs, this number can only be regarded as ordinary wage earners in the standard. Secondly, according to the Ministry of human resources and social data disclosed in March 2016, the number of college graduates in 2016 reached 76