One log cannot prop up a tottering building! MSN missing two less lonely hanging goalkeeper – Sohu refused to kill sports in Beijing on November 20th morning, in the focus of the game in the twelfth round of the league, Barcelona home court 0-0 draw with Malaga. The Messi and Suarez also sidelined, lack of " > gaoqingtu: Neymar duzui depressed than President Chong appeals without Beijing time in the early morning of November 20th, the focus of the twelfth round of the Spanish game, Barcelona home court 0-0 draw with Malaga. The Messi and Suarez also sidelined, the lack of supporting Neymar them, at the end of the game Malaga goalkeeper Kameni hanging open like crazy, Neymar was out of the door close range header line, missed chances. Suarez of the game because the 5 yellow card suspension, and was ready to play before Messi is vomiting, so this game MSN Neymar is the only one who played Messi and Suarez for the first time, but also the absence of competition. Despite the lack of Messi and Suarez, but Enrique is a continuation of the previous systems, and Paco Turan were replaced, a new front Trident, Neymar still appears on the left. Although Neymar appeared in the familiar position, also will more teammates the ball to his feet, but the first half Neymar was too close to the edge, and the ability to coordinate the Turan and Paco Co., Neymar more time alone in the situation, while Malaga will also focus on the defensive side, the first half Neymar can hardly produce too much of a threat. The second half of Neymar style change, more to strengthen the middle of the road patrol, after the break to create a good free kick position, and made Malaga a red card. Then in the left side of the road also have turned to pick the ball, as well as the threat of rib straight ball. However, despite Neymar’s performance was very positive, but the presence of a lack of passing touch, Neymar used to go inside and Messi Suarez road seeking cooperation with the wall or anti cut inside or outside the area directly around the shot into the far corner, but the match with this not once, Neymar side cut after at the top of the arc without a teammate attack before the ball, Neymar had to once again seek to pass, in addition to kick Leipzig almost no direct threat to create the goal. At the end of the game Neymar still have the opportunity to lead the team to win, but Malaga goalkeeper Kameni is dedicated to God level performance, continuous out Peake and Gomes’s header at the end of the game, Roberto on the right pass, after the ambush the unmarked Neymar in front of 5 meters at the top, but this will score Malaga goalkeeper Kameni was out of the line, Neymar unfortunately missed Juesha opportunities. (Feng Qingyang)