Luxurious! MSN annual salary of 125 million European super 16 La Liga team sports – Sohu   MSN annual salary; salary up to 125 million euro MSN attack ranks first among the world, but the salary is quite high, according to Spanish media "Marca" reports, Messi, Neymar, Suarez single season annual salary of 125 million euros, which most of the Spanish team far exceeding the team’s total annual salary. According to reports, Barcelona’s current financial pressure is relatively large, especially in the player’s salary expenditure, total expenditure amounted to 695 million euros, the highest salary for spanish. But only Messi, Neymar, and of the three people pay to reach $125 million. Neymar has signed a contract extension with the club, with his former salary of 50 million euros, which is close to Messi. Suarez has not yet completed the contract, the club is prepared to pay him about 25 million euros. If Barcelona complete Messi’s contract, Barcelona will certainly have more money to pay for MSN. While in La Liga 20 team, Barcelona annual salary of 695 million euros, followed by Real Madrid 631 million euros, followed by Atletico 280 million yuan, ranking fourth in Seville is 129 million yuan. And after the 16 teams, the annual salary of the total cost of less than MSN of the three people pay. At present, Barcelona has been completed, Neymar, Mascherano, Busquets Suarez, to complete the contract, if Rakiti, teershite, Messi, Massimo Enrique, can imagine their salaries will be increased greatly. If according to the current wage growth dynamic, Barcelona needs the following season greatly increased their revenues, or Barcelona inevitable financial crisis predicament, and a possible violation of UEFA’s financial fair policy. But compared to the high salary, Messi, Neymar, Suarez on the pitch is worth, in the past two seasons, they teamed up for the club on the 122 and 131 goals this season, MSN is still the continuation of the excellent state. I believe Barcelona club are aware of this problem, a new chest advertising contract and Japan Lotte is perhaps the first step out of the open source club. (Fei Niao)