Dahongmen this year to ease the 16 market next year will also ease the 11 – Beijing Beijing morning news (reporter Han Na) this year, Dahongmen has been completed and the ease of hardware, Yi Fang Shi communication square, 7 people all the textile market, before the end of the year there will be 9 market demolition, shutting down or transformation. Beijing morning news reporters from the day before the meeting of the Dahongmen relief work meeting was informed that the next year in Dahongmen will also implement the 11 ease market, by the end of 2017 basically completed the Dahongmen area 45 ease market. The 7 home market this year, ease, demolition 1, shutting down 5, the transition 1, involving more than 6 thousand and 100 businesses, employing about 18 thousand people. The 45 home market in Dahongmen plans to ease, ease the market has completed a total of 23, involving more than 1.1 businesses, employing about 33 thousand and 900 people. The warehouse closed courtyard disassembling, this year in Dahongmen area, warehouse rental yard demolition repaying 58, ease the population of about 12 thousand people, 10 thousand square meters of logistics yard shut down. Before the end of the year, will shut down and dismantle the rental yard 7, to ease the population of 4000 people. Dahongmen total courtyard 98 ease warehouse, involving an area of about 490 thousand square meters, to ease the population of about 20 thousand people. In addition, ease in the Dahongmen area on the work of the general assembly, the 5 signing of Dahongmen to undertake collective appearance, recommend to Dahongmen merchants. Hebei, Cangzhou, Cangzhou East Pearl Plastic Business City, covers an area of 3000 acres, supporting residential area of 1500 acres. First phase of the project has hundreds of merchants settled in Beijing. Hebei Yongqing brought the Yongqing International Trade Center, the project is 10 kilometers away from Beijing airport, is currently in the construction of a fabric market next year is expected to be delivered in May, and strive to ease the overall area to undertake the Dahongmen fabric market. Shijiazhuang brings Le City International Trade city. The first phase has been completed 6 venues, which is located on the Museum of Dahongmen, the city of 1 international clothing city. Baigou brought and international industrial park project, the Dahongmen International Garment City has thousands of Beijing merchants settled in business. Tianjin brought Thatcher electric mall project, a period of this year is expected to be fully put into use, which specifically for dynamic batch and Dahongmen offers two buildings used to undertake clothing industry ease.