The commission investigating western institutions IMC alleged last summer short A shares stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks in Beijing on the evening of 25 British "Financial Times" reported that the Commission is investigating China to summer Chinese stock market in Holland trading IMC in the China futures market the doings. This is the second Western institutions due to the market turmoil led to the Chinese regulators. In recent years, high-frequency trading has become increasingly popular with Chinese brokerages and hedge funds, but it has been small. In late 2015, after China’s stock market plunged in 6, high-frequency trading caused a strong reaction. The first because the malicious short and the Commission is to investigate the western institutions hedge fund giant Citadel investment group. Citadel is one of the few large hedge funds that have survived for more than more than and 20 years, and the company’s annual results have been well above $20% since 1998 to the financial crisis. It can even go to Wall Street, the most famous financial advisor – former Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke. At the end of July last year at the beginning of August, Chinese commission to "malicious short sellers" war has pushed it in the teeth of the storm. More details about this matter, please look at the Sina stocks long feature "malicious short A shares of foreign forces: from the end of hedge fund giant Citadel". In September last year, China’s regulators imposed new restrictions on stock index futures, including a high level of margin for non hedging positions, which weighed on the volume of market transactions. China’s huge market there is no stock futures. IMC said on Thursday that the company has received China Commission "information", and gave full coordination, but refused to disclose details about the investigation, "IMC and Chinese Commission conducted a constructive and positive discussion. IMC confirms that the company’s futures trading activities in China comply with all applicable regulatory requirements and the provisions of the exchange, "the company said. The perception of Chinese regulators is that market manipulation and "malicious shorting" are responsible for the turmoil in the stock market last summer. High frequency trading has caused the United States and Britain and other countries including a review of regulatory agencies, investigating whether this practice violates the interests of other market participants, especially considering that high-frequency trading reached 2014, Michael – Lewis (Michael Lewis) book on the industry’s best-selling book "the lightning kid" (Flash Boys in general the effect). However, for high frequency trading are not to be intimidated. Editor: Li Li SF053