Yi Jianlian missed the team Guangdong two factors is not the end fight victory CBA Highlights – Yi Ban Boozer 17+16 Guangdong 99-77 Jilin Yi out is self-evident for the Guangdong men’s basketball team. In the absence of tactical core and spiritual leaders, the Guangdong men’s basketball team in the first two games fully exposed the overall offensive out of line, the lack of internal defense and lack of key points. Especially in Zhu Fangyu, Chen Jianghua and other veterans no longer the courage, double foreign aid Sloan and Boozer failed to quickly enter the state, the team suffered two even lost domestic trouble and foreign invasion in reason. For the Guangdong men’s basketball team, the importance of the United Arab Emirates is still others can not be replaced. But affected by the "shoes", a combination of the game was suspended, the next few games prospects in doubt. In the face of the Arab League dependency syndrome troubled, Guangdong men’s basketball team can only rely on the efforts to tide over the difficulties. Happily, the Guangdong team to rely on the momentum tonight to make up for the Our wills unite like a fortress. squad loophole in the defeat of Jilin terminated the two game losing streak, but also to avoid the CBA team suffered the worst start record, in this sense, the importance of victory for the Guangdong team without a doubt. A major reason for this victory is the responsibility of local players began to stand up. At the beginning of the match of Guangdong men’s basketball team would show the first two failed to show momentum, in the absence of a couplet as inside storm points, Dong Hanlin and Ren Junfei has the impact of the basket, help the team to 6-0 start. But this season has just joined the Guangdong men’s basketball team’s young players Zhao Rui brings to the team returning to the vitality of his run and projected well enrich the team’s offensive means, also let the opponent on the defensive end is very difficult. In this game, the Guangdong team to rely on Zhou Peng, Zhao Rui and Ren Junfei that three people will get 39 points, these local players to play well, let the fans in Guangdong found that people remember vaguely. At the same time, the return of foreign aid is also an important factor in victory. In the first two defeats in the game, the Guangdong foreign aid has not been found in the best condition, their dull play to a certain extent, also affected the team’s results. But in this game, they began to double foreign aid reflects the value of comprehensive data: Sloan of the field to get 23 points and 8 rebounds and 7 assists in the game, he is constantly making assault killing the basket, the audience received a total of 13 free throws, positive performance; and was criticized as Boozer fans still can not instead of playing the role of a strong score on the offensive end, but his steady shots in the field of play the most incisive, in rebounding is more to 16 of the data to create a season high. The two of them play, is undoubtedly the gospel of Guangdong men’s basketball. At the end of two straight games, the Guangdong team finally with the victory won a reprieve, also let yourself see the strategic direction should be carried out in the absence of a couplet. Now the Guangdong men’s basketball team can tell the fans, a very important, but not the end of his absence. The future is still worth looking forward to. (legend)