Italy women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping will be invited to provide paid + three month holiday resort Lang Ping Phoenix sports news Beijing time on October 14th, according to Italy media reports, Italy Association consider again invited Lang Ping coached the Italy women’s volleyball team, and willing to pay high salaries. In fact, as early as the end of August, came the Italy women’s volleyball team trying to "hire" Lang Ping, but did not have the actual action. The Rio Olympics team, old, small, hit by more than 3-4 of the Olympic Games 30 years old veteran mix first played in the world contest at the age of 20 new arrays, resulting in Italy women’s volleyball team was eliminated in the group phase, the coach was Italy fans criticized by bonita. Lang Ping is very popular in Italy, because she is not only in Modena, but also coached the Italy League 3 teams, but also led Modena won the Italy League title and the Champions League trophy. More importantly, Lang Ping in the training of young players and coaching ability won. In the eyes of Italy Association, and Brazil women’s volleyball team has since guimaraens contract, and not with the China protocol the renewal of Lang Ping became the "fit" for the best choice, and are willing to pay higher salaries, more importantly, each year nearly 3 months of vacation with his family to Lang Ping.