Like people in a handsome card and the most powerful Jian huge fine Zhao Xuri Cannavaro attended the press conference in Beijing after the evening of September 10, 2016, in a league twenty-sixth round Tianjin away in the face of Beijing people and the right to health before the press conference and then training on the Fengtai Sports Center, ranking three or four teams will launch a bayonet fight for the right to health, the only win in order to keep the current Chongchao hope. The people of Beijing and is currently ranked fourth on the scoreboard, personnel reserve and competition experience are in fact enough in the level, the right to health coach Cannavaro before the opponent’s attention to also said: "tomorrow is a difficult and complex game, and the team from the perspective of comprehensive ability should be the strongest League player ball, confident their game, quangong, tactical discipline, we must respect the opponent, but not afraid. It was a really good game, but we came here to play an important final and we put all our energy into it." The previous rounds of the league, the right to health team are interference of some objective factors both in the home court Road, game is very difficult, for some sensitive topics, before the game did not handsome card taboo: "and the team’s home court advantage, their home court lost only one game, the coach is also very aware of their opponents the target is also Chongchao, for us tomorrow, hope we don’t disturbed by some other factors, also do not have some unfair treatment and influence people’s psychological state." In this game, the right to health two generals Sun Ke and UVA Mourinho declared lattice comeback, but Zhao Xuri in the four round of suspended card how to make handsome pregnant in Paibingbuzhen sorrow: "return and the Tanglewood sun can be of great help for the whole team, but we have to stop Zhao Xuri’s four match, within the team the punishment for Zhao Xuri, in addition to the huge amount of fines, but the four round of the suspension did not change the reality."