Shandong new aid to the 10 round to debut? The fans have to wait long at Zhejiang Chouzhou Jia Cheng or will continue to miss sina sports news Ji’nan Qilu network news November 15th (lightning sports reporter Xu Kaihua intern reporter Zhao Xianzhe) after the men’s basketball team lost to Shandong high-speed Guangsha, the team did not return to Ji’nan, but then go to Yiwu, and Zhejiang Chouzhou game. The first 6 rounds of Harding Park, Shandong high-speed men’s basketball team 3 wins and 3 losses, this trip to Zhejiang to get a win, it is worth looking forward to. The high speed team in Ji’nan left behind the players, Jia Cheng, Wu Ke, Wen Yan and Li Lin, four will undoubtedly continue to miss tomorrow and Zhejiang Chouzhou game. The last round away against Guangsha, high-speed Ding Yanyu Airlines led the men’s basketball team to local players performed very well, but Cole and Thompson’s state of general foreign aid. Especially in the score, two people can not bring the most direct help to the team. Cole this season, scoring 25.2 points in the data is difficult, many foreign aid called "brave", after all, in the CBA score may be the first. When it comes to the debut of the Ka Shing, fans concern, including a statement in the League after the 10 round, but there is no way to verify such news, the media and fans can only wait.