49 sets of solar maintenance spend 1 million 80 thousand owners: the owners of c.tubulosa money do not feel bad – Beijing in Sakura language area to enhance the quality of implementation of the project, spend a larger solar maintenance. Reporter Zhou Mingjia photo 49 sets of solar repair about 1000000 yuan, which will not be too expensive, a new district, spent more than $275 on the $two or three! The owners of the money do not feel bad things c.tubulosa!" Yesterday, Kunming Yinhai District Sakura language (hereinafter referred to as the "Sakura language") of the owners in the WeChat circle of friends news reporter, then, reporters in the residential property management office and saw the rebellion in a circle of friends in the project expenses as like as two peas. The owners of the owners questioned things c.tubulosa money do not feel bad in a report entitled "Sakura 2014 to 2016 to improve the quality of language implementation project details" publicity were marked the 17 projects, the total amount of 275 yuan, which is costly maintenance: 49 sets of solar energy, spent 780 thousand yuan; increase the anti freezing system for solar equipment 49 sets of 300 thousand yuan. In other words, to allow solar energy to continue to maintain normal operation, the two spent a total of 1 million 80 thousand yuan. Some owners think that a new district, two or three years to spend more than 275 yuan, the money is not distressed owners c.tubulosa matter! There are owners questioned said, why repair solar energy to spend so much money, an average of more than twenty thousand yuan per set, buy new enough. Wuguan director maintenance fees from property management profit for the owners questioned, Sakura Wuguan director general language answer says: Sakura language submitted in 2013 in the central heating type solar energy is installed within the district real estate developers launch, by the end of 2014, Kunming because of the temperature, there was little scope of damage, then the property management side you want to install anti freezing system, but is responsible for the installation of solar energy company recommended that Kunming is generally not too cold, solar is not easy due to low temperature damage, so at that time did not install. But I did not expect that in January of this year, Kunming once again suffered from low temperature weather, many residents of the home water meter was frozen, while the sun inside the cherry language has been frozen. Originally planned in April this year to find the original construction unit to repair the sun, but just after two years of warranty period, had to tender. Including solar panels, solar connectors, 49 sets of solar energy more than 80% parts are damaged. Unlike ordinary residents "maintenance cost of central heating type solar energy solar energy in the home, I understand from the market, if the exchange may take four to five million yuan. The money is not some of the owners is wasteful spending, we are really reluctant to spend, because this is to set aside from profits in the us. According to the property management company property charges in the relevant departments for the record, Sakura language is 1.38 yuan square metre, elevator fee is 0.49 yuan per square metre, which is the sum of 1.87 yuan per square metre. But two years ago in the period, so only by 1.6 yuan square metre in charge." General director said, after the repair, these more than and 10 kinds of solar energy in the presence of water leakage, the maintenance company’s argument is to be able to withstand the impact of low temperature weather, solar connector into a hose, but Yong相关的主题文章: