Gobel said more and more small target season originally a sister used to identity Gobel sina sports news Beijing on October 25th news, although behind record against, but in the last 4 games and Halep Gobel won 3 games, to achieve the transformation of the 2016 season, the German girls progress rate people not only had two be struck dumb. The Grand Slam top and also got a year-end first throne. Of course, in this position, the need for more sense of responsibility, but also sacrifice a lot of personal time, but Angie said she is still enjoying the time. She had 7 fights, the German girl 3-4 behind, but in the first 2016 Games of the season, she won the game in the first 4 games. "It’s not easy to win the game. It’s always hard to play against Simone and we’ve been very close in the last few months. I feel a lot today, the move is very good, when the opportunity to get a good grasp, I think this is the key to victory." Gobel suffered a strong challenge cibulkova in the finals of the first show, she eventually bitterly 3 thrilling pass. But the tough game also inspired the world’s first state. "It was always a good thing for me when I was in the first game and I was able to gain more confidence from the game and find a new stadium. The first win is very important for me to prepare for the next race." At the press conference, Gobel always mentioned the word of faith. After becoming a Grand Slam champion, the world’s first, she also has an upgrade on the field of control and toughness, and these are confident that there is a great relationship. "I am more confident than I am now, because I know how to win the important, close game and how to take control of the game in my own hands. I’m sure to be more confident than I was 12 months ago, and last year’s singapore. I won a lot of victories this year and won the Grand Slam, which is why I am more confident now." After the interview, Gobel and fans intimate interaction, she also talked about getting more support now. "First of all, I came here this year as No.1. Now I enjoy playing on the court, it’s a new experience and challenge. And I’ve been improving, and that’s why I enjoy it more than before." Last year, although Gobel received many titles, but in the contest of the performance is not satisfactory, so frustrated in Singapore, and her coach has also developed a small target for the new season. "The goal we set for this year is to focus more on the Grand Slam tournaments and prepare for the game, which is our goal. This year I did well, next year will be the same as this year, put more energy into the contest." Becoming NO.1 means more responsibility and sacrifice, and Gobel has a lot to do with it. "I’m getting used to this role. In fact, a few weeks ago, I feel very strange, my trip has been very tense, very little time left for their own. I learned how to say no to some things, but there’s nothing that makes me unhappy." (Sina tennis)