Domain-Names With so many users getting accustomed to the power of the information super highway, acquiring the right domain name has become more difficult. So many people fall victim to overpriced and undervalued domain purchases or end up having to give up previously registered domain. It is important to realize the value of domain names and its maintenance because this will potentially become part of a successful and lucrative endeavour when put to good use. With the right tips and proper guidance it will be easy for you to get that domain that you have always wanted. When purchasing a domain name, consider the alternative; make one for yourself. Registering your own domain name may prove to be the most economical and creative choice when coming up with a domain for your business. Brainstorm for catchy domain names and create a list of common words which are familiar for a lot of users and then double check if these have already been registered. If you fancy yourself on a particular keyword or name then you can explore the option of buying it, but this will probably end up costing you a lot of money. An easy way to check the availability of a domain name is by going to a registrar site like GoDaddy. If you have to purchase an existing domain name do not be tricked into choosing domain extensions like .org, .net or .biz stick to the extension that people pay attention to which is .com. Remember that a lot of people are not internet savvy and will probably not prioritize your website if it has an unknown domain extension or will end up getting your address wrong simply because they assumed you are a .com. A solid business practice is to buy all the available domain extensions for your chosen domain name, this way you can avoid the risk of being exploited on your marketing brand by a competitor or another site riding on your consumer following by setting up the same domain name with a different extension. Remember that shorter domain names are much better, catchier and easier to remember. No one likes to type long domain names like ‘’ or ‘’. If somebody else has already purchased the short domain name that you want, the next best thing is to choose something that is closely associated yet descriptive of your brand. Choose a name that embodies your business model and describes the services that you provide. or are examples of domains which are descriptive and will let your customers know what kind of product you offer. Make your purchases last and matter. Most people do not know that a domain purchase of 3 to 5 years will put you in higher graces with search engines and give you a better chance of popping up in higher pages of search results. Search engines usually give less priority to domains registered for a mere year as they have a limited shelf life. Remember that successful search engine optimization begins with your domain name purchase. Last but not the least; do not waste your hard earned money. Every registrar site will offer some ‘amazing value’package to go with registering your domain name. Some may come with useful features while others are just another way to get you to shell out more cash. Evaluate your business plan and pick services which will only benefit you in the long term. Choose provisions which are necessary for your business model, like an SSL certificate if you plan to do secure transactions online and get it from a registrar which offers it at the lowest possible price bracket. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: