500 million dollars to buy the Silicon Valley digital model, integrated circuit fund aimed at VR chip? Sohu, science and technology [Technews] September 23rd science news, media reports, Beijing Shanhai Kunlun Capital Management Limited and Silicon Valley mode semiconductor company on the same day jointly announced that the two sides have reached a final agreement with the Kunlun led consortium will be $500 million to buy the Silicon Valley all outstanding shares of a number of modules. The market is expected to be completed later this year due to regulatory approvals for the transaction. It is worth mentioning that the consortium, the emergence of China’s national integrated circuit industry investment fund figure. China chip consumer, and embarrassed by the fact that China’s chip consumption is heavily dependent on imports, domestic production of the chip can only meet the needs of domestic IT industry 20%, the development of national security and the electronic information industry adverse. In this context, China began to launch a strong core policy to encourage the development of local chip companies, and in 2014 set up a large fund for local chip companies to solve the funding problem. In March this year, the fund for the first time to announce the "big fund investment report, general manager Ding Wenwu said, the fund since its inception to the end of December 2015, has pledged to invest about 42 billion 600 million yuan, the actual investment of about 26 billion 200 million yuan. Then in September, Ding Wenwu also said that the fund is now focusing on SMIC, Yangtze River storage and Huahong Hongli three company development. Behind the business between the two companies are associated with the memory chip, plus 55% of the memory is the background in China, memory chips become the focus logical foundation. However, from its participation in the action of Silicon Valley investment model, the big fund seems to be interested in the VR (virtual reality) chips. It is reported that the Silicon Valley digital analog production of high-speed mixed signal chip applications, VR equipment is one of. Investment VR chip company, help to promote the local IC industry bigger and stronger? In my opinion, the answer is yes. Recently, the Ministry of industry under the Chinese Electronics Standardization Institute released the "2016 white paper" in the development of virtual reality industry pointed out that the VR in our country is in the eve of the outbreak, the huge market potential, but also face expensive, poor application and data processing speed can not keep up with the requirements of the problem, to support countries. The VR (Source:Flickr Maurizio Pesce consumer experience CC BY VR 2), the chip performance determines the screen refresh (screen refresh and VR products, this problem is closely related to vertigo) means that the high performance VR chip will be able to improve or solve the problem of the VR experience. Therefore, the number of investment in Silicon Valley model, domestic companies are expected to grasp the former excellent chip technology, applied to the VR market, the IC industry will be further developed. For more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews science news read)相关的主题文章: