The knight! Double 11 James third Obama visited the White House meeting –   sports Sohu; Beijing on November 5th news, according to the ESPN, the White House spokesman announced today that President Obama will be on next Friday (November 11th) interview on NBA Championship cleveland. In June this year, the Cavaliers became the first team in the history of NBA in the finals a total score of 1-3 behind the case, eventually winning 3 games to complete the comeback team. The total score 4-3 win 73 regular season win warriors, Cavaliers team won the first in the history of the championship, Cleveland is also the first 52 years occupation sports championship. The Cavs win, Obama had personally called coach tyronn Lue, in addition to send congratulations, also invited him to visit the White House in Cleveland before retiring. It is interesting that Obama met the Cavaliers in the United States after two days of the general election, and the outgoing time is local time in January 20, 2017. According to the practice, each NBA team will go to the White House in the new season, to accept the U.S. president’s interview. This will be the third time James’s career as a champion of the identity of the meeting with Obama, but also will be the last time in the term in the White House to meet the NBA team! As we all know, Obama is a fanatical NBA fans, his favorite is the home team – the Chicago bulls. Earlier in an interview, Obama had quipped that he did not rule out the possibility of becoming 1 NBA team boss after retiring. The Cavaliers before the new season 5 games to achieve victory, is currently the only 1 teams since the League unbeaten team. In November 12th, they will visit the wizards, this will be the Cavaliers 16-17 season played third games. (Jim)