Who can be elected to the MVP? There were two people more than McGrady chance Shipeng Wang training for masters hot hit three points in a half Tencent sports news September 9th supertux basketball masters will be held on September 10th in Shanghai staged a grand, 20 sports entertainment to a large coffee with "sports vs entertainment" super battle! In the event of an entertaining and professional collision, the outcome of the game is secondary, but who can get MVP? This is not a small suspense. Let’s take a look at the following. Tracy McGrady MVP [Wu Yifan or dispute whether cash beyond curry promise index: four] Tracy McGrady was elected before the masters had started down rhetoric, he will in the masters turned three lunatics, and beyond the library in the game NBA 12 single game record of three cents. If McGrady can do this, he won the most valuable player becomes what no suspense. But whether you can do it, even McGrady himself did not mind the spectrum, in an interview after the release of rhetoric, McGrady said: "to achieve this goal I would have shot many times, but I should be able to do." May, should, from the picture we can see that McGrady his heart did not end. But since the goal, then McGrady has at least a clear game plan, as to whether the promises, I’m afraid we opportune. [Marbury CBA MVP to the masters elected index: four and a half] in their own occupation career McGrady has not won the MVP title, but Marbury is not the same, although the NBA did not get MVP, but in CBA Marbury has already tasted the most valuable player. But Marbury and McGrady retired in the state of different, he is still in training and competition, maintain their competitive level. If everyone is in the peak period, then who can get MVP is really an unknown. But Marbury is still in occupation competition, and McGrady became a TV commentator, from this view, the most valuable player of the balance seems to have some inclination to Marbury here. [cishiping still maintain the competitive state of the tank was elected four and a half in the index:] masters, Ci Shiping can be said to be the player’s tank fully deserve. One of the best in all the contestants in the height, the most generous with the body, Ci Shiping will have a natural advantage in the basket. Although we do not expect what the world will be too fancy performances, but he is still worth looking forward to the game. Even more critical is that the world is still playing in the NBA. Even in the last season, cishiping still in the Lakers against the Clippers won 17 points and 5 rebounds, 2 steals and 1 rebounds. The masters, if cishiping really took the Lakers last season in the momentum, it would be difficult for someone and he can compete for the title of MVP. [Billups MVP finals is not Langdexuming election index: Samsung] NBA semi finals MVP, light is the title, enough of the. What’s more, from Billups’s look, and no signs of fat. During the period of NBA, Billups.