Sina Home Furnishing live interview: EASYHOME recommended the Milky Way wallpaper wallpaper brand home?? in September 7, 2016, sina Home Furnishing Home Furnishing Master "show" column to EASYHOME Beisihuan store, the only one to get the recommended wallpaper brand — the Milky Way home was broadcast live wallpaper. Galaxy wallpaper sales manager Ren Lihua accepted an interview, and for everyone Amway a series of wallpaper product knowledge and purchasing skills. ?? The Milky Way home wallpaper sales manager Ren Lihua (right two) and column combination?? manager said, the Milky Way home wallpaper, from TOPLI, TOPLI is the wallpaper market retail brand, carrying TOPLI more than 40 years of craftsmanship and innovative spirit, committed to creating Chinese own fashion brand wallpaper. ?? Ren Lihua interviewed the manager?? the Milky Way home wallpaper has their own design team, adhere to the original, and hired a top international designer Bernhard Holzapfel (Brian hAGN) mr.. Galaxy wallpaper a great advantage is that all of its products are designed, developed, produced, sold, as well as after-sales, a one-stop service to consumers a great quality assurance. ?? Ren Lihua manager product version?? Ms. Ren Lihua also for the Milky Way home wallpaper in 2016 the latest release of the world’s first international Chinese wallpaper series — "explains" beam. The "beam" by the international famous designers, China new Chinese leader Liang Jianguo creative, Brian hAGN design, making the Milky Way home wallpaper, this version has a There was no parallel in history. not only inherits the essence of Chinese, classical culture, and the interpretation of the contemporary international design concept. The "beam" type? Series, inspired by the Chinese traditional printing "beam" herringbone brick pattern series, inspired by the ancient garden architecture Chinese tile "beam" series in Wenshan, inspired by the Chinese bamboo?? in addition, the manager of the Milky Way Ren Lihua home wallpaper launched "8 hours speed for new service" made a special note. This service is completed by the unified image of "the Milky Way team, they carry black technology tools, completed within 8 hours of workers from the door to the inspection, wall treatment, environmental protection, try to post service, full house paving, cleaning up the site and a series of procedures, time limit, quality and quantity, and to ensure the completion of construction can be admitted immediately. ?? Ren Lihua manager introduced the 8 hours speed for the new service?? 40 years of the development of the Milky Way home wallpaper, wallpaper Chinese is 40 years for the development of the industry, has excellent technology and quality, and also under the influence of the Internet to achieve a more scientific and modern products and services, not only professional the collocation of division, and the implementation of "five year warranty, life-long maintenance" service to consumers, so that consumers in the pre-sale, sale, customer service, have any concerns and the use of the process will not. ?? With technical background as the cornerstone to customer demand, to innovation as a guide to China brand as the mission…… The Milky Way home wallpaper enterprises clearly understand the truth, and in this way, to achieve a pioneering work.相关的主题文章: