Similar bridges will be unveiled game chess game after 16 women played master data figure: Chen Qingting VS You Yingqin source: Taishun county sports development board in November 17th, "meet the bridge" 2016 national chess game after the match will be opened in Taishun bridges cultural park. After four days of competition, will determine the various levels and after award, the game will receive a bonus of 100 thousand yuan. On the day of the opening ceremony, Wen Ji, international chess grandmaster Jiang Chuan will be one of the ten mangqi exhibition in the opening scene; the afternoon of November 19th, 8 women’s chess masters will be in Yucai primary school with 80 small players wheel exhibition. More than 16 masters "meet Langqiao" women’s player of the tournament organized by China Chess Association, Olympic Sports Management Center, Wenzhou Municipal Sports Bureau, Taishun County People’s Government hosted in Zhejiang Province, Taishun County propaganda department, County Sports Bureau and other more than and 10 units and support. According to tournament rules, contestants in May 31, 2016 released by the women’s player rating, be invited the top 16 Masters (inclusive) above the female players, including chess grandmaster Tang Dan, chess grandmaster Wang Linna, from Taishun chess master Chen Qingting. According to the schedule, the game was held in Taishun Sixi lounge culture exhibition hall and the Yulong Mountain Resort in radon spring from November 17th to 20, the competition is divided into preliminary and final two stages. The preliminary stage of the integral arrangement, 5 rounds of contest, the top 8 finalists; the final stage of the cross out of the system, were divided into 2 groups, namely 1-4 is four, preliminary heats five to eight by 5-8. The final stage of the first two points, the first lottery has to go, time for the first. The total score more wins, such as two draw will increase kuaiqi. Taishun create a National Chess town in the past more than and 10 years, Taishun County attaches great importance to the development of Chinese chess project, the emergence of the women’s national chess master Chen Qingting, National Chess Championship middle school runner Wang Yuhang, national chess champion Xu Zihui children and many other elite players, since 2014 only has obtained the position of nearly 500 people in the country, province, city at all levels in a chess game. Held in 2013 re-c Cup National Women’s chess Masters tournament, 2014 2 menstrual approved national chess talents training base, Yucai primary school in Taishun County in October 2016 by the national chess school. Taishun county is currently trying to create a national chess village, and strive to cultivate the characteristics of the Chinese chess sports to become a sports event in Taishun. Chen Xianglei Guo Leyan