Son said | autumn outings, to give children with what medicine? Sohu – Sohu health Wen Lu Jing (reproduced from WeChat public number: autumn, pediatrician Lu Jing) school, but the Mid Autumn Festival, national day, new year’s day and Spring Festival holidays will follow! Many parents have long been a baby with a travel plan! A holiday before I would have received a lot of friends and members of the private doctor consultation I love with children all over the world tour: "take the baby out of pediatricians should take what essential drugs?" In fact, I already have a list of the brain, but also in the WeChat issued a number of friends and private doctor members, here today to give you a summary of it! Of course I suggest should buy a travel medical insurance before traveling, after all, in some cases still need to go to the hospital, especially in Foreign Emergency registration fee one thousand or two thousand that is not unusual. Let’s cut to the chase, said the general is the need to go out to play a long time, buy medicine is not very convenient in the case of the need to take drugs, drug reference list? # # fever: Bloven (Mei Lin) or acetaminophen (Tylenol), antipyretic plaster (ice is also useful when you # cold injury); early #: Robitussin (2 years old, runny nose, cough) Jinhoujian (sore throat or mouth ulcers), vitamin C effervescent tablets; # diarrhea #: smecta, probiotics, oral rehydration salts (III); # #: anti allergy Zyrtec drops (over 6 months) or tablet (6 years old above); # #: azithromycin, cephalosporin antibiotics (in consultation with the doctor, without application); # eye drops #: acute bacterial conjunctivitis, at the beach or in the sand when seawater (stimulation ); erythromycin eye ointment (bacterial conjunctivitis, glans slight swelling, anal fissure) # nasal spray #: physiological seawater nasal spray, have rhinitis with commonly used drugs (play rhinocleisis sleep vulnerable!) # medication #: bandage, Voltaren sprain medicine, iodine swab, trauma, disinfectant spray baiduobang (abscess or small area skin purulent infection), mosquito repellent and mosquito bites ointment; electronic thermometer and bandage (with ankle); you can according to the age and health status of their baby’s baby and whether there is a history of allergies, tourism destination development level increased or decreased. Zhu Baobao under the care of his father and mother, good health, have a good time! In addition, here I would like to remind you, go out to play the kids try to fill at any time reducing clothing, diet of digestible moderate drinking water, rest time do not be too tired, the only way to let the baby’s immunity maintained in good condition. (original title: Baby Travel Kit)