Pickle: this year not Indiana talks I must set an example Paul – George sina sports news Beijing time on September 27th, according to the "Indiana star" reported, the Pacers media day, Paul – George said he would not discuss this year with the Pacers contract. According to Pacers coach Macmillan revealed that in the new season, George will return to No. three. Two summers ago, George suffered a serious leg injury in the United States team training, occupation career outlook is not optimistic. But two years later, George strong return, and this summer to help the U.S. men’s basketball team won an Olympic gold medal. Today, George said in an interview that his body feels great and there is no pain. "It’s the most exciting and exciting time I’ve had since the rookie season." He admits. YAHOO sports interview last week, George even to the defending champion Cavaliers and Lebron James in the afternoon. In this regard, he said: I think this is the first time I have a chance to prove that I am ready to be the best player on the pitch in each game." Recently, the Pacers President Larry – Bird said they are willing to offer a contract for a top salary contract for the renewal of the contract, said the president of the people’s Republic of China, said the president of the people’s Republic of China and the United states. In 2013, George signed a 80 million year contract with the Pacers at least $5. He has 3 years left on his current contract, and George’s salary is $18 million 100 thousand and $19 million 300 thousand over the next 2 seasons. The last 1 years of the contract has a player option, valued at $20 million 500 thousand. When asked about the contract, George made it clear: "now, I only care about the next season. I didn’t even think about it." This means that this year, George will not discuss the contract with the pacers. When it comes to the Pacers’ line-up this summer, George says the biggest challenge is that everyone accepts the tactical system from the start. As a leader, he says he must lead by example. The Pacers coach Macmillan in today’s media day revealed that the team in the new season lineup: Ellis, George, Yang, Teague and turner. Last season, in order to speed up the team’s overall offensive rhythm, George was pushed to the number four. So what about the new season? "He (George) is a small forward, a comprehensive small forward." Macmillan said, "we have to play more efficiently. We must keep pace." After the adjustment of the lineup and George’s status in place, the Pacers for the new season’s goal is obviously high. "Our primary goal is to win the championship in the middle, and then to the east. This is what we’re prepared for." He said, "we want to win and win a major victory." (Rosen)