Chongqing UAV battle "stalking" upstairs rectification of illegal construction – Beijing Beijing in September 23 Chongqing Xinhua (reporter Liu Xian) in the city "upstairs" landscape has become a hot topic, but these illegal structures in the landscape not only occupied public land owners, more problems. 23 reporter learned from the Chongqing Two Rivers District, local drones "stalking" upstairs. The rectification of illegal construction "two rivers and 23 at the hundred days crucial action mobilization meeting, clear requirements must be completed 292 rectification task this year. The establishment of a local 47 inspection team information "zoujiechuanhang". Inspectors found suspected illegal construction, in 2 hours to the street where the report, with the streets and planning departments to verify treatment. The inspector mechanism, although effective, but in high-rise buildings, but it is difficult to find. Deputy director of the office, Liangjiang New Area remediation of illegal construction headquarters office director Zhou Bing introduced, in order to remediation of illegal buildings, this year came to Liangjiang New Area "please" UAV monitoring, will remove the object at the upscale community. The local rectification of illegal construction headquarters and related industrial company signed the UAV intelligent Jiuwei service project, using the UAV platform equipped with HD monitoring equipment, remote equipment and equipment to assist in the city the illegal construction of intelligent three-dimensional "Jiuwei patrol work. In addition, the local use of 4G transmission technology for unmanned aerial vehicle patrol area for simultaneous monitoring and synchronization of evidence, the basic realization of patrol, discovery, forensics, law enforcement integrated disposal model.相关的主题文章: