The mountain trails and | Raiders Whistler Blackcomb – Sohu West Coast Tourism alpine landscape can be one of the world’s most beautiful landscape in the large scale, mountains, glaciers, rivers, lakes, and meadows, will bring the dizzying beauty. Reaching the top of the mountain is usually not too easy, and 1500 meters of altitude change usually takes a whole day. But in Whistler and Blackcomb, a mountain view at the same time, from the hard mode to a funicular, you can choose many hiking trails. The following will be introduced by the local freelance writer and photographer Steve Andrews summed up the trail route. Between travel advice climbing season, usually in June to September, in June before the hiking trail may not open, but you can walk between the snow wall in Whistler hills. August is the best time on the mountain of flowers. The seasonal changes and trail opening time varies from year to year, please consult the Whistler visitor center Whistler mountain trail from the village of Whistler Lane cable (Roundhouse) of the rest house, you can: 1 from the rest of the house, arrived at the beautiful hillside area; 2 take the peak Express (Peak Express Chair) cable car to reach the top of the mountain and take 3 more trails; across the summit cable car (PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola) at Blackcomb, and Faiz Simmons Glen (Fitzsimmons Valley), Garibaldi (Garibaldi Provincial Park) Provincial Park and the town of Whistler. A simple route Whistler peak 1.6 km Whistler Summit Interpretive Walk walking distance, elevation of 30m, allowing you to the highest point along the monorail trail from Whistler Hill began to walk, you can see the stunning beauty of the west coast, is connected, and along the Whistler area historical and cultural exhibition. Peak Express Traverse express peak 0.6 km distance, elevation 55 meters, can be made by this section of the road to reach the peak to peak express cable car, cable car 5 minutes to reach the Whistler hills, at several different climbing destination thus. Or you can walk around in the pestle (Inukshuk), enjoy the charming scenery. Pioneer Spearhead Walk walking distance of 1.2 km, rises 20 meters above sea level, starting from the rest house, across the hillside near the road, can see Whistler village and along the lake, also overlooks the town. The 2.5 km route intermediate lake trail and harmonious Ring Road Harmony Lake Trail and Loop distance, elevation 130 meters. The rest house down along the Lake Harmony can be reached in the lake, can rest, enjoy the beautiful surrounding a landscape of lakes and mountains. Harmonious grassland Harmony Meadow相关的主题文章: